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pardon the links being later in the day, but i was up till 5:30am brainstorming with jason over ideas and working on the next podcast (you’ll love it). tomorrow on lazy afternoons i’ll be posting about the next podcast, how you can get involved, etc.

Also, wanna leave us a voicemail? Maybe get it on the air? Got a question or comment?
Call us! 206-888-HACK

Also: Stop sending e-mails saying “not a hack, but this is really funny!” etc. the only thing you’re doing aside from wasting our time is giving us fodder for the podcast. you will be targeted. you will be subject to jokes….don’t say we didn’t warn you. we don’t mind things related to technology or hacking! go ahead and send those in…i just don’t need to know that costco is selling caskets on the cheap

Now onto those fresh links I always seem to have!

parallel port controller goodness [carpespasm]
some of you wanted to know how you can whip up a ddr pad to a pc to use for a controller? simple. just buy this attatchment. my friend has it and it works perfectly in both os x and windows.
the $1 laser light show! wicked! [ahanda]
people at microsoft think we should write down our passwords
netcraft now has a firefox toolbar. netcraft = must for hacking

and last and certainly not the least (this will leave you speechless):
the talking cybernetic sausage
(my hero)

15 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. $1 laser pen
    $0 CD coaster
    $100 A bunch of booze to throw a laser show party where the lightshow cost $1

    Everyone at the party’s retinas exposed to the laserbeam, leaving them blind – priceless

  2. The talking sausage was seriously distubing. I dont want to talk to something that looks like a phalus much less having it talk back to me. Maybe someone can put a vibrating motor on it and make it into a talking vibrator.

  3. You can use a flashlight(s) instead of a laser. You could also glue a little piece of mirror to a loose spring and tape the other end of the spring to the top of the subwoofer. Maybe bend the spring a bit so the mirror is at 90 degrees and then just set the laser/flashlight down, aimed at the mirror. Hands-free!

  4. {quote from
    parallel port controller goodness
    Before downloading DirectPad Pro and building your interface adapter, make sure your system meets the following requirements:

    * Windows 95 or 98 (NT is unsupported)

    None to practical for us XP users who upgraded reciently. Dang! Shouldda stayed back with 98. Hey its only been ____3 years____ since i upgraded. Hey, seriously i must say that congrats! it is a hack. But instead of hacking yourself a link just buy one. ta-da. problem solved.

    Ok i’ll stop trolling now.

  5. The light show thing was sold by someone, possibly Edmund Scientific, back in the ’70s. IIRC, the front-surface mirrors were glued to a thin rubber membrane stretched over the front of a speaker and they used one of those spinning color wheels to illuminate it.

  6. I’m confused, can someone please explain it to me?

    We just heard about “the next podcast” but we haven’t had the first one yet…

    At least I haven’t seen it…

    Can someone please tell me what the hell IS going on…

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