Nokia 770 SDK


Yes, this has been covered heavily. Not nearly enough noise has been made about how easy hacking this device is. Nokia has opened up almost everything even placing the graphics under a Creative Commons license. Nokia has also constructed a firm foundation to develop on. Underneath everything is a Debian based system with a 2.6.11 kernel. Debian is one of the largest binary distributions mainly because of its apt package management system. Apt will make it really easy to get new software and keep the installed software updated. A modern kernel means the device will be able to keep up with developing technologies like bluetooth and usb. The next layer is an Xserver. This is not a pda and Nokia has decided not to use technologies like Qtopia or Opie for  the application layer. This will make porting graphical apps much easier and with the addition of Gtk they will also have a consistent look. If you’re worried about the ARM processor support, just check out all of the programs that people ported for the Zaurus.

The best news for you is that Nokia has set up a comprehensive development site. It describes the underlying software layers and how to set up the development environment to emulate the device. It even has a walkthrough for how to port applications to the device. As an example they show how to port Gaim, which is funny because most places have reported that IM support won’t be released until 2006. If Nokia does a good job building in support for Microsoft htpcs, iTunes control, and Tivo control I think this device will be certain to take off. I’d like to see someone make an electronic programming guide that you could use to change the channels on the tv and schedule recordings instead of the intrusive on-screen-displays used by most cable boxes. If anything it will be nice to hang out on the couch reading news and ebooks without having to use my genital scorching Dell.

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hackaday lazy afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

big ups fellow hackers! It’s beautiful out and Im currently in NJ at a starbucks finishing the podcast with jason. I’ll be headed to Ohio tonight to go to Cedar Point roller coaster park (read: longggg road trip) but aside from that, Jason and I have the Podcast 99% done. We’re busting our ass so that it will be ready for you by later today. Promise. It will be without a doubt the single best podcast you have ever heard and we hope you enjoy it. It’s got an NPR-program feel to it. it’s insanely enjoyable. it’s got interviews. it’s got everything.

jason will change this text to the RSS link you’ve requested and the download link will be here also. keep checking back every hour. i wont be able to post it because of the travelling. <3

now of course I wouldn’t leave you guys hanging without some totally sweet links!
blogebrity says i’m a b-lister. rock.
aww how cute. make your own pro action replay [daniel]
ipod dock pin layout for you rockers. [nickIQ]
the claim to free wifi. hmm. true? [downloader38]

flash drive pez (always a favorite) [megabite1]
a very cool linux hard drive mod! [usergentoo]

and…salmon in the dishwasher. [xfred]

as for your easy to do hack? simple. very simple.
want to get your site hacked? easy.

Step #1. Create a bit-torrent site.
Step #2. Wait.
Step #3. Call a lawyer

See? It’s that easy. The FBI just will come right in along with ICE and that will be that. you got h@x0r3d. nuff said. enjoy the podcast. we’ll have the RSS url for you too. and instead of yelling at me for the above “hack”, watch systm and smile.

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