Parallel LCD On OSX

mac parallel lcd

Reader EPooch needed a USB attached display for a future project. From initial research it seemed that most available solutions involved using a “usb to serial” adapter followed by a “serial to parallel” adapter and finally connecting that to the parallel interface on the lcd; Far from elegant. Eric decided to try using a USB to parallel cable intended for use with a printer. His first cable didn’t work out to well because of poor documentation. He ended up finding an adapter from Belkin that would work. Oddly, it works even though the cable was supposed to be Windows only and the Mac version of it isn’t made for OSX. Keep up the good work Eric and we hope to see more from you soon.

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Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

ahh! it’s gorgeous out! I’m feeling better already! Now, yesterday I did my HOWTO on making a geeky Usb fan for your laptop and yes, it’s insanely ghetto, but creativity is up to you! Now because I’ll be having dinner of pretzels ala carte, I would appreciate a steak dinner, but this won’t happen. So I’ll discuss some links instead. Try these out for size:

[Matt] sends in this link to a redneck gentlemen who threw a full sized A/C unit into his pickup truck.

Harddrive stilts are the next big thing. We swear. [Amos]
Grapes in da hous-err, microwave. [je]
AWK webserver. Thats just not even funny. [barbobot]
if you don’t wanna shell out mad loot for das keyboard, build your own [jock]

Do you dare hack a magazine? Teehee.

So the next podcast will start to be in the works Im guessing next week. We love your ideas/rediculous suggestions so keep sending them in or leaving voicemails at 206-888-HACK. If you cant swing 60 seconds of talk time, then get a grip/cellphone.

Also, this summer my friend and I will be working on a Hackers-esque movie. Except with…more humor. So if you wanna echo 23 to see what’s up, lemme know. We’ll throw you in the movie.
OOOOH. And remember that flash-based wep cracking video? Eliot tried it out for himself and it worked….in an hour and 20 minutes. But nevertheless, give it a shot. This is obviously a great find if you’re poor as hell like me and need to leech some heroi-I mean wi-fi.

Now for your very-easy-to-do-hack for your lazy afternoon.

Matchstick Rockets sent in by [weirdguy0101]
Basically, get the following:
1. Matches.
2. Pins/Paper clips.
3. Foil.

Follow the instructions and have a ball. Friday I’ll probably be posting something with the illegal fireworks I picked up in Ohio. So that should be fun for people who have fireworks sold in their state!

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