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with temps in the 90s all week, we can only assume two things:
1. we will be having ungodly lazy afternoons
2. we’ll be grillin’ links alllll week. nice and deliciously.

i’m starting off with something not really hack-related (oooh god forbid) but interesting. it’s a movie based on google becoming a huge-ass conglomorate and wiping out media. very cool and post-apocalyptic kind of feel to it. watch it here and thanks [toto]

now onto some beastly links!

add an auxilary jack to your car [matt]
google maps wallpaper (whatever, doesn’t top my hilary duff wp)
open systems for car computers? oooh, i smell innovation and trouble.

looks like we got ourselves a trend going! more wallpaper from [jamie] and [blackzero]
god, i might have to make this a weekly segment on mondays or something!

uhhh, robot paintball? is it really necessary? [magnus]
dvorak says apple moving to intel will harm linux. nobody gives a shit. stop whining!
…though he could be right.


25 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. Didn’t I already bust your balls about reposting links? Oh yeah, that post was deleted. I already read about adding an aux input, it’s like half a page down from the most recent link.

    PS: did I miss the post about this site changing to “slashaday.com”?

  2. #1, you’re being childish. They are putting out a site to find sweet ass hacks and mods, and all you can do is bitch about a repost, or a dupe? Find another site then. Or maybe offer some helpful criticism.

  3. Sorry for the flammables, the only cool sites I can hit from work are hackaday and /. so I get cranky when I see dupes.

    I guess I should spend more time working and less time bitching.

    My bad!

  4. The tank, IT IS FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! I just tried it out, and all should too. He was doing stuff like moving the targets around, letting me shoot it off mirrors into the targets, and all this sweet stuff. I would LOVE to do it again, if I could get a CC on here, I would in a heartbeat!

    All should try to get a test drive in.

  5. To all those bitching: here’s an idea. Why don’t you set up a site where you have to post a new, innovative concept that relates to a specific topic every day? If not that, at least submit some hacks of your own?

  6. I’m just commenting on the book binding link.

    You don’t have to be desperate to bind your own books (tho it helps). It can actually become a very enjoyable hobby.

    My favorite is to download fanfiction and bind it into hard cover books for my book shelf.

  7. hey #14

    did it every occur to you that i might have been replying to that?

    and all those wallpapers you guys posted in the comments are awesome. I love black.

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