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hello readers! right now i’m probably passed out on a couch missing four teeth, which is why i’m giving you a pre-cooked, ready to bake in 60 seconds, edition of hackaday links (as opposed to zip)

i just want to let you guys know that next tuesday, i’ll be busting out a very nice HOWTO on

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  1. I just read on CNN about the CVS Digital Camcorder, before I came on over here. I was like “Wow, I can’t wait for that to come out so that I can smash it open and see how it works!”, and behold!!! A soon to be tutorial on the damn thing…I CAN’T WAIT!!! I love this site, keep up the good work!

  2. You’re always welcome here in Moncton, New Brunswick. We’d love to throw a special 2600 party for you guys ;D And yes, there is such a thing as a 2600 party. And, you’re free from that silly Patriot Act up here ^_^

  3. Come out to Chicago, NextFest is going on (disclaimer: I work for WIRED and I spend my time looking for stuff for NextFest) June 24-26. On top of that Chicago will have Taste of Chicago going on (lots of food) and apparently the Museum of Science and Industry has the Body Worlds (plastinated human bodies) going on as well.

    Yeah I’m shilling, but I’m shilling for something that’s got a lot of tech appeal

  4. Also, it’s quite a coincidence with the xbox, since I’m doing a computer briefcase mod.

    One thing I’m doing different is drilling a hole across the two halves so I have a c-notch in each half.
    This will allow me to remove the cables, reducing any chance of them getting caught on something or just plain making the whole thing looking unclean.

  5. i take it you’re hacking the new disposable camcorder. I’m actually going to get one tommorrow and i’ll definitely try your hack when it’s posted (that is, if the damn thing even survives an hour with me).

  6. just did that plasmoid experiment. I had to improvise some materials but it worked great when i got it right.


    I used a glass, toothpick with cork stand, 3 pieces of styrofoam as a stand for the glass. 20 second interval. Video is crappy resolution as the higher resolution was not selected on the camera, and it is cut short as my father assumed it was over.

  7. hey, if you want to have some fun, come float the river in austin, tx… how can you beat hot women in bakinis, and drinking tons of icey cold beer at noon in a tube? and then theres 6th st…. if your into the bar scene.

    Lookin forward to that camera hack, my roomate manages a cvs and is sending some my way.

    later, i got a good hack thats full page worthy on the way, keep an eye out.

  8. After reading about the CVS video recorder the first thing to come to mind was “gee I wonder if hackaday will have anything to say about this.” can’t wait.

  9. Hey! Philly’s a nice place to visit. It gets pretty boring and monotonous to live at though. I guess would know. Go get a hotel room in NYC. I think the one I stayed at was the Marriot or something. I forget, but its in Times Square and is directly across the street from Virgin Records Mega Store.

  10. Is it just me or are the movies for the plasmoid just dead links? Oh well, matt’s was pretty cool. There are a million things you can do with a microwave… i folded a piece of aluminum foil into a hollow C shape once with the two points about 2mm away from each other. The plasma ball was massive and uncontrollable. Dangerous… yet extremely fun… I would love to take videos of this but I think i am the last person on earth without a digital camera or a digital camcorder. I love the site! Keep up the good work!

  11. Plasmoids are easier to create if you use a matchstick rather than a toothpick – much easier to light. Works without the glass jar too, but makes the microwave messy, so use a scrap one!

  12. dude
    i got a place for you to stay in new orleans. see titties on burbon street. hack an alligator??? its hot as hell but we’re all to drunk/stoned to give a shit.
    love the site

  13. For one, the site that hosts the plasmoid information, JLN Labs, is an absolutely amazing site with tons of info. As far as a “plasmoid” goes, it’s simply a collection of plasma that doesn’t dissipate right away.

    Plasmas are really the 4th state of matter beyond gases (where atoms are dissociated). In plasmas, the atoms are further dissociated into their protons, neutrons and electrons, so that no atoms remain, only a gaseous material containing the components of atoms.

    I’ve had interest in plasmas for a while, considering they are easy to create (i.e plasma globes), and can be used for propulsion as well as other cool concepts. So really the glow you see in a “plasma globe” is acutally a collection of excited subatomic particles. And as such, differnt mixtures of gases create different colors when excited to the plasma state.

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