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ahh, finally back to some good old links. fresh off the grill of course. i’m working on new meeting space for philadelphia, and keep sending other meeting locations in so I can post them!

as for the guy who demands a t-shirt and wants to buy one: they are not for sale. these will be prizes. but maybe we can arrange something with a charity. then i’d see no harm in you paying an outrageous price ;)

breakout on a dot-matrix display sounds pretty good to me. [barbobot]

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  1. i wouldnt call it a “demand” for a shirt but rather a buisness idea. if you were to manufacture hackaday shirts (different from your promotional ones) at a cost of lkets say $10 per shirt. i dont know how many people visit your site or how many people would buy them but you could possible sell them at either $15 or $10 and make a buck or two. if no one else wants one ill just silkscreen it myself :shrug:

  2. @#5: Like the site says, you need to read between the lines.

    Regarding the not-Ferrari, that’s pretty damn cool. I wonder how it’d fly in the US? I imagine it would be interesting trying to get it registered, and if you ever got pulled over convincing the cop that the car you’re sitting in is in fact the same red NSX you registered and not just a Ferrari you slapped the plate on.

  3. we cant sell t-shirts because our parent company weblogs inc does not allow it. we can however give them out :)

    and i’d really think twice before silkscreening a hackaday shirt. philip torrone over at make.zine is the creator and owner of it.

    just a heads up. i don’t know why you’d do it when we’ll give them out!

    and the t-shirts will come in black. duhhh. :P

  4. If you notice the title of the page is +MA’s Reversing: Riddle 02. He also mentions backtracking 2x’s in the text, it may be that the answer is the word in reverse.

    not dnalrednowniecila, Nice work macgyver on the pairs and number of lines and the length of Alice in Wonderland. I don’t know that I ever would have thought of that, though now I am not sure if it is tainting my search. Does anyone think that paragraph about text games is a good hint, or just a sidetrack?

    also the zoom in on the word drink? just another side track or a good clue?

    Not sure about info, but I love the stretch of my mind.

  5. Regarding T-shirts:
    You say that we can’t make t-shirts because of weblogs inc, and because Mr. PTorrone over there pwnz this place, so why not convince them to let you make shirts, then have all proceeds go directly to charity? I’m sure Phillip would be alright with that, and what kind of company is weblogs inc if they don’t want to be donating to charities?

  6. ppl do that to pontiac fieros all the time.. when u get it licensed they just have a note that comes up that says its been heavily modified.. and since it doesnt do ne thing structurally to the car.. it is fairly easy to get them to allow it..

    however try passing those wings on the vans in the background of the pics in North America and i think u’ll have a bit of a problem..

  7. for the second riddle on the weird site, look at the detailed image you can download as a zip file. Notice how some of the pixels are lighter than others, well if you open the pic with a text editor, you’ll see that some plain text characters have been thrown in. that’s as far as I have gotten, the characters don’t work as the pass (even tried backwards) but I

  8. btw, i dont know if you noticed- but the numbers in the picture are in pairs, every other number counts up 1 starting from 1 to 17. I think it is mapping 1 to 10 or whatever because they are also 1 to 1.

  9. While the pics were posted on MSN Korea, they were taken in Japan. The signs, the license plates, and background junk are all Japanese. not that it really matters though, the guy is so totally awesome that i can’t hardly even believe my eyes while i am even seeing this :o

  10. Yay, got the second one.
    Take the BMP, clean up the FF values, and the BMP header values.

    After that you are left with some lowercase chars, figure the rest out on your own. =P

  11. That robotic cat sure is creepy, it looks like a cat, but its movements are quite robotic.
    But imagine the hacking capabilities. Changing the internal hardware so instead of the usual cat sounds you sometimes hear “I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!!!”.
    I always wanted such a pet for hacking, like a sony aibo or something like that. Replace the hardware by a small ARM7 or ARM9 computer (The gumstix seems perfect for it), and make it move on its own accord and do tasks or explore things (read spy on people :-) ).

  12. I like the FM transmitters!
    What’s neat is that over in the TH55 section of 1SRC we’ve been kicking around an idea for making the Sony Clie TH55 Palm OS handheld into a kind of pocket radio studio. One would only need to plug the headphone output of the TH into the input of an amplifier or transmitter.

    The mic would allow for a voice lead-in or introduction, and then you’d switch or mix over to a music file or playlist on a media player.

    the goal of this project is to allow me to yell at girls from the back of my friend’s convertible.
    “Hey good lookin’ we’ll be back to pick you up later!”
    or entertain large groups

    Seriously though, it’s really cool how one could potentially shrink a mini-broadcast station into a set of components that would fit in a lunch bag.

    Ahahaaand with the FCC’s permission of course!
    Don’t go breaking any laws kids!

  13. For Riddle(what normal people call a puzzle) #2, connect the dots, remember the CAPS, and do some switching to find the pass. To be honest, I don’t think this was an especially fair one to those without hex editors or image manipulators. It’s less of a brain wrack and more of a cheap hack, cause you’re not following any logical flow, you’re trying to guess what this madman is thinking. My two cents.

  14. Those tips didn’t help at all. Not one bit. Google, however, gave me enough to puzzle it out.

    I agree with #42, it’s not logical or sensible at all. Total madness.

  15. I’ve never done anything with an image before remotely complex. Are we trying to edit out the yellow background? It seems that there are only a dozen or so “yellow” pixels of that different colour. Physically connecting the “dots” yields a big circle…

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