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it’s a gorgeous sunday here. probably because we don’t have hurricane dennis bearing down upon us in philadelphia. so while it’s still nice out, lemme throw some links on the grill for you guys to chew up.

the “no parts” pic programmer. [n00bmaster]
the IDE64 project. pretty interesting, a great concept. [patrik]
torrone goes to town with wolfgang puck’s self-heating can. [alex]
make a hot-air pencil for de-soldering chips. [hcker2000]
real life tron via GPS. i don’t know why i never though of this before.

babblefish it if you need to, but these german guys turn miniture “hot wheels” cars into working R/C cars. amazing craftsmanship. i’d love to try one out! [janff]

this is beyond ghetto i don’t even wanna look at it.

but he makes up for it with these sweet longhorn screenshots. [weirdguy0101]

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  1. Was it just me, or did the install screens for longhorn lack consistency? I mean – half the clickable controls are green, the other half are white. Then, on top of all this blue with random stuff, we get a SILVER warning – which has the buttons NEXT and BACK? I mean, this is a confirmation, OK would be more applicable I think. Also – that last page, is that it? Do we get status text, progress bars? What else is there?

    Don’t even get me started on the silly “my window elements are transparent, but my content area will never be transparent” thing that the windows have going – I am completely lost as to how to tell when a window is frontmost or not – sometimes it’s control areas are opaque, sometimes not… ::bleah::

    Real world tron looks cool, and that hot air pencil rocks heartily. :)

  2. Longhorn does look prettier than XP for sure, but I’m not sold on that transparent window thing yet. Screenshots are nice, but I’d like to read a nice first impressions piece from somebody I trust. For all I care Longhorn could look like crap and be completely stable and secure and I’d still use it. I’m not seeing it happening, though.

    Tiger is still better.

  3. *looks at longhorn install screens*
    yay. seems like microsoft came up with a way to cause even -more- problems while installing.
    Screw the pretty installs, give me command line if it works better.
    And what’s with the content not being transparent too? For lack of a better word, that’s retarded to just have the window border transparent…

    I love that hot air pencil… that thing could be useful…

  4. Those Longhorn shots remind me of when Alien Skin and Kai’s Powertools Photoshop plugins were cool. Everybody really really went nuts with the drop shadows and bevels and gradients and shit, and ya couldn’t swing a cat without hittin’ a 13-year-old “graphic designer” who thought he was the shit.

    In other words, it reminds me of OS X.


  5. yeah these links were hot especially the pen…

    Anyways i was wondering if anyone had designs for a hurricane cam (i live in florida) i want to tape hurricanes from outside, completely unmanned but i want it to be in a waterproof case any ideas?

  6. yeah these links were hot especially the pen…

    Anyways i was wondering if anyone had designs for a hurricane cam (i live in florida) i want to tape hurricanes from outside, completely unmanned but i want it to be in a waterproof case any ideas?

  7. Longhorn – quite a dissapointment. From those screenshots, it’s not much you couldn’t do with a program such as WindowBlinds. Undoubtedly, the minimum requirements for the OS will be higher than they should. *Sigh*…. such a waste.

  8. manny,If you know what your power consumption is, you try not to.Be a bit more specific in your requirements.
    My friend has a Nikon (coolpix, I think) that can be set to take a picture every 5 minutes for example, giving you a nice timelapse afterward and can probably run a day or so just on internal battery. If you want a low compression 24hour AVI you need something more substantial, like a computer with a LARGE harddrive or a longrecord VCR. A single 320×240 frame might be 113KB so over the 24 hours (at 30fps) you might need several hundred GB drive space. What is your goal?

  9. “but he makes up for it with these sweet longhorn screenshots. [weirdguy0101]”

    Sweet? An crappy os with a good looking is sweet to you? What you don’t mind the bsod and the new rsod? Ha. Use Linux you can make it look the same as that if you have the time/skill. I’m sorry to flame you. I just really hate m$. For more reasons then I can list :p.

  10. the air pen is nice!

    i saw a thing where some people in japan converted some bit char-gs (small rc cars) into one’s like that by fitting them into hotwheels body’s, they even hooked the original wheels up!

    but who cares about longhorn? everyone knows it’s not going to be innovative, but i hate the videogame industry for trying to be! innovation is ovverated, just do something well.

  11. As in the article, the military is already using this technology in their new MRE (Meals ready to eat) packs. Its a second pouch included with the meal that you either put the main meal pack in or next to (next to is probably the best idea). Heats up and gives you a nice warm meal!

  12. damn, I was hoping longhorn would be 3d, seeing as Microsoft say you need a good card to get the most out of it. If Bill Gates has finally ironed out all the bugs, I may upgrade, but I’ll read a few review first. If they go down the same route as xp, it’ll just be more eye-candy.

  13. jimmys, here is my plan: Run a video camera during a hurricane outside, i will start it right before the hurricane and want it to run until the hurricane ends, i dont want to hook it to a computer because the camcorder is digital. the tape should last through the hurricane but the power might not, i think i can secure it to the garage door and thread a power adapter to it. but i really need to find somthing that will keep it safe (can take a rock hitting it at high speeds).

    thats my plan and i need your opinion.
    im going to use a cooler but i want to create a camera “box” for extra security, would i want to use plexiglass, acrylic, etc? Any help would be nice thanks

    P.S. the battery supplies DC 7.2v and its a li-ion

  14. manny:

    I recommend making a box out of thick (1/2 inch) lexan. It should be strong enough to take any rocks flying into it, i use a 1/2 inch sheet and i’ve shot it before and it hasn’t broken, so it should be able to stand up to a hurricane. The best part of it is that its very good optically, so you won’t have a blurry picture from it. You could make a box with all sides cement and a lexan viewing hole, if you feel like taking the time to set cement.

  15. Manny, madd_matt’s got a good idea with the lexan if you can do it right. If you don’t weld the seams properly it will collapse with minor skewing force (not direct to any face). Maybe reinforce it with screws and brackets. Whatever you decide, test it by kicking it and throwing a brick at it, or whatever. If it withstands that and it’s well bolted down, it’ll withstand winds and stuff whipped up. The exception would be if a tree fell on it or a tornado gets spawned. Either case gives you more to worry about with your house than your box.

    What kind of camcorder is it? Without knowing its consumption, let’s use this example. If I’ve got a radio that runs at 12v drawing 0.5A and I’ve got a good 12V lead-acid battery with a 7AH (amp hour)capacity, that means I could run my radio on that battery for approximately 14 hours. If you had something that runs at 12V drawing 1 amps, you could run it for 7 hours. Just divide battery capacity by your current draw and you’ll get your battery life.
    If you can’t find a 7.2V high capacity battery, you’ll probably need to get a 12V and add in a 7.2V voltage regulator.

    Lastly, I think I’d try to run it from my high capacity battery exclusively rather than trying to build a switching circuit to switch between power sources.

  16. ive looked and couldnt find any so ive decided to use my other camera that has 2 battery slots (weird?) but i figure ill buy another battery and that should work besides the tape is only 120 min
    180 long play. thanks for all the help ill try to post a link to some video (if i get any)

    P.S. where can i buy lexan, is it avail at home depot or lowes, or do i get it from another place

  17. hcker2000, you didn’t happen to get it from the mod guides section by a guy handled “I’m_Not_A_Monster” did you? ’cause then you did steal it from me. small world, huh?

    if you do read this, leave a post on the thread mentioning it, because i might forget to check back here.

  18. God Guys! Give MSOFT a break. There getting better at least. i mean, imagine if we were still stuck in the terrible world of Windows 98 Style Errors, “ILLEGAL OPERATION!”.
    I personally dont know what to make of the transperancy effects, but from those shots that OS looks nice.

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