CD Printer

cd printer

There aren’t many people that want to spend money on a printer whose sole purpose is to print directly on a CD. I’m sure there are quite a few out there that have an extra inkjet printer laying around looking for something to do. Why not chop it up into a dedicated label printer? This tutorial shows how to modify an Epson 640 printer, but it should work on any printer with the same style feed. So, if you’ve got one, try and decipher the heavily watermarked images and have a go.

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hackaday links


it’s a gorgeous sunday here. probably because we don’t have hurricane dennis bearing down upon us in philadelphia. so while it’s still nice out, lemme throw some links on the grill for you guys to chew up.

the “no parts” pic programmer. [n00bmaster]
the IDE64 project. pretty interesting, a great concept. [patrik]
torrone goes to town with wolfgang puck’s self-heating can. [alex]
make a hot-air pencil for de-soldering chips. [hcker2000]
real life tron via GPS. i don’t know why i never though of this before.

babblefish it if you need to, but these german guys turn miniture “hot wheels” cars into working R/C cars. amazing craftsmanship. i’d love to try one out! [janff]

this is beyond ghetto i don’t even wanna look at it.

but he makes up for it with these sweet longhorn screenshots. [weirdguy0101]

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