Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

huzzah! what a muggy afternoon. it totally sucks. but we’ll make it better with links, chatter, banter, and fodder. not in that order of cou-wait yes.

make your own ionic breeze type thing. not really. kind of. [fucter]
this is just odd so check it. people’s ideas for the perfect world. psh. [jaw]
free tv shows via the webnetinter! stuff like simpsons, futurama, looney toons, etc. awesome. [chris]
and if you obviously uh, wanna be a hacker, read this. hahahahahha.

ditch the msn adverts. seriously. [idb4]
autosentry!!! half-life-esque even. everyone needs one of these suckers.
the electric unicycle. too bad you’ll look like a douchebag. [ben]

the floppy is dead! hear hear!

the nes dvd player looks pretty cool. i love the paint job. [the locust 516]

Now you guys the other week were supposed to complete this here contest. i hope you’ve been working on it. the winner will be announced and rewarded at the philadelphia hackaday meetup on august 4th. ya know, the huge one in a hotel conference room where jolt is giving us free soda.

so have you made your sub-$100 laptop yet? how’s it going? july 18th is really soooooon.

28 thoughts on “Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

  1. phycon… any laptop that they end up making for under $100, would not be worth having for school

    no offense to the creators of said laptops… i’m sure yours will be great… for word processing… and storing ascii art…

    …probably no sound card… led screen not good for movies (and yes led… not lcd… not a typo)

  2. I forgot to include with the MSN link that you can easily remove the adverts without hacking the msn exe… if you add this text to your hosts file “ config.messenger.msn.com” then it will block any access to the MSN ad servers… which will disable those crappy tabs as well as text adverts on your msn chat windows :)

    Happy hacking! :)

  3. way late on the craftytv thing. but now that its getting more exposure i hope it doesnt get shutdown by the feds, where else will i watch desperate housewives! i mean umm looney toons.

  4. The electric unicycle is quite cool. The guy can be seen riding it around at various tech related things in the greater SF bay area (robonexus, FIRST regionals, etc.) and I’ve heard he’ll let you ride his various scooters if you ask nice, though I never have. He also has a whole wealth of information on his website about how to build your own segway-like scooter. I would check it out.

  5. Hey, anyone got a few parts sites to share? I’d love to participate in the challenge and I’ve got some hot ideas… but my only “supplier” is Ebay and there’s a lot of CRAP to sift through.

  6. on craftytv.com go there in firefox(or other browser that can view source)
    do a search on .nsv
    find the direct url to it (ie, for example) and go into winamp and press ctrl L, enter the url, you can stream the tv show WITHOUT their plugin
    hehehe, this tutorial should be expanded and posted to hackaday
    also if anyone wants to, it’d kickass to have a greasemonkey script that lets you just automatically stream it in winamp

  7. “the floppy is dead!”
    I couldn’t comment on the article’s website so I’ll rant here. The floppy disk is being phased out due to the “Bigger, Better, Faster, Louder” mentality. Yes, a CD can hold hundreds of times the amount of data than a floppy can, but what if I want to give somebody a copy of a text file? I think it’s silly to use a 650 MB CD to distribute a 650KB file. Most maufacturers no longer include floppy drives in their laptops, but for an extra $50 they’ll send one you can plug in to the USB port.

    Planned obsolescence = increased accessory sales

  8. There’s a MUCH easier, and better way to tweak MSN than the way shown in this post – http://www.mess.be has a little program, only around 200kb, that can remove ALL the adverts, get rid of any buttons/features you don’t want or need, add a sign out and always on top button and a whole lot of other stuff as well. None of this file editting stuff either :D

  9. trevor blackwell is a great guy, i’ve talked to him through email many times, he’s always been polite and has helped me out. even if he was a jerk (which hes not) he built a one wheeled, self balancing mode of transportation, thats not douchey, thats pure geek genius.

    PS that sentry with a semi auto belt fed .50 cal in your attic would be a fearsome thing indeed.

    kills zombies dead!

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