Foam Cutting Lathe

foam lathe

shbazjinkens had originally linked to Dan’s workshop when commenting on the backyard aluminum foundry. Dan uses a lost foam technique for casting his parts: the foam burns out of the mold to be replaced by metal. To make the initial foam pieces he built this hot wire based foam cutting lathe (out of cast parts natch). Nice little specialized tool that you definitely wouldn’t find easily. Dan is also responsible for the hot air pencil we mentioned the other day. Needless to say, there is a lot of good stuff on his site so have a look around.

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Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

huzzah! what a muggy afternoon. it totally sucks. but we’ll make it better with links, chatter, banter, and fodder. not in that order of cou-wait yes.

make your own ionic breeze type thing. not really. kind of. [fucter]
this is just odd so check it. people’s ideas for the perfect world. psh. [jaw]
free tv shows via the webnetinter! stuff like simpsons, futurama, looney toons, etc. awesome. [chris]
and if you obviously uh, wanna be a hacker, read this. hahahahahha.

ditch the msn adverts. seriously. [idb4]
autosentry!!! half-life-esque even. everyone needs one of these suckers.
the electric unicycle. too bad you’ll look like a douchebag. [ben]

the floppy is dead! hear hear!

the nes dvd player looks pretty cool. i love the paint job. [the locust 516]

Now you guys the other week were supposed to complete this here contest. i hope you’ve been working on it. the winner will be announced and rewarded at the philadelphia hackaday meetup on august 4th. ya know, the huge one in a hotel conference room where jolt is giving us free soda.

so have you made your sub-$100 laptop yet? how’s it going? july 18th is really soooooon.

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