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Sure, I’ve known for quite a while that Linux is good for scratch building devices like routers, but I never considered that there might be an online community dedicated to doing exactly that. It isn’t just Linux either; whether you want to run Windows, DOS, BSD or Linux, RDP has compiled summarys and links to the software you need. They’ve got a gallery of projects that you can rate and luckily only a few feature cardboard. If you’ve got some specialized networking needs this is definitely worth a look. Me, I’m going to remain firmly entrenched in my WRT fanboyism.

[thanks XyTec]

5 thoughts on “Router Design Project

  1. Yeah, the m0n0wall sticker is a nice touch. It would be a cool art project if a mini screen was installed inside so that when you cracked the case open you’d see a live packet dump. Essentially seeing what is going on inside the box.

  2. RE number 4

    I think he’s referring to the Linksys WRT54G Model WIFI router, it’s fairly well featured out of the box, CHEAP, and information on hacking it and running your own OS on the hardware is readily available online.

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