Camper Avionics Engine Monitor


A 1976 GMC camper is probably one ot the last things that you’d expect would ever leave the earth. That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved by an engine monitor originally intended for an airplane. The device measures exhaust gas temperature on each individual port, water temperature, engine rpm and speed. Alarms can be set for each input and the device gives vocal warnings when these levels are reached. There are a lot of other gadgets he’s added to his vehicle on the site (i.e. computers, tire pressure monitors, and cameras). So, have a look around.

[thanks Bird603568]

4 thoughts on “Camper Avionics Engine Monitor

  1. My hackaday pins came today! The envelope was completely beat-up. It didn’t even come by regular mail; USPS has to deliver it separately. The pins are a little hurt, too, but I can deal.

    Thank you hackaday! I’ve found the perfect accessory for my “afk” hat.

  2. sorry bird man, it looks like a cool hack, but i dunno, just a bit too strange an adaption. i did look around the site, looks like it’s been there for a while. it’s kinda odd the guy used an old plane instrument to do this though, i’d think one of those ricer computer monitoring systems would adapt more easily.

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