Camper Avionics Engine Monitor


A 1976 GMC camper is probably one ot the last things that you’d expect would ever leave the earth. That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved by an engine monitor originally intended for an airplane. The device measures exhaust gas temperature on each individual port, water temperature, engine rpm and speed. Alarms can be set for each input and the device gives vocal warnings when these levels are reached. There are a lot of other gadgets he’s added to his vehicle on the site (i.e. computers, tire pressure monitors, and cameras). So, have a look around.

[thanks Bird603568]

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Hackaday Links


hey there readers. it’s a beautiful saturday so let’s get these links done so we can eat em!

ooh, beforehand I have a request. a challenege even.

on monday, july 25th, david letterman (CBS) is having the all american rejects play on his show. i don’t have cable, or TiVO, or any way of capturing it. This makes me sad. So! If one of you guys can manage to get the show digitally, cut out the entire clip of their performance, and send it to me, then you’ll get hooked up with a hackaday prize pack. courtesy of out of my wallet too mind you.

I <3 you for it. Plus, try getting the show off your Tivo, and onto your computer. That’d be pretty cool wouldn’t it? Yeaaah. Just keep that in mind. You could win some prizes! In fact, it’s 2:30pm almost. Let me go¬† check my mail. Any envelopes that come today will get stickers!

Power hand washing! Nice idea! [trevor]
Floppy DIY motor. Amazing. I can’t believe it was done. [pat]
Build a cheapy CNC machine for doing projects with. [modul8]
A pretty awesome algorithm used for converting your phone number into words! [imanuel]
mobilize your WRT54g. drive that sucka. [yasha]
what hackaday looked like in the 1980s. we were stylin’. [zelot]

i saw the island last night. it was a great movie despite that the trailer makes it look horrible. go check it out. it’s like brave new world and THX 1138 combined sorta. also up, was the v for vendetta trailer…looks amazing. check it out right now.

2 more links.
#1. for a price, you can hang onto that WD-40 straw.
#2. even better phishing schemes are out now. watchout.

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