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I usually don’t get to run PSP hacks as features because everyone else snatches them up so quick (Is anybody actually buying games?). XyTec found this hack to connect multiple controllers to the PSP. The project uses an ATMega8 microcontroller to monitor the controller’s state and then transmits that to the PSP’s IrDA port. There is a nice discussion of how the communication works. There’s a video demo of the controller being used to play Doom also. The project isn’t quite finished, but it does include source. Time for some two-player emulation.

18 thoughts on “PSP External Controllers

  1. one word


    i think a lot of hacks that come out for the psp really don’t serve a great purpose. most are created just because they can be done.

    i will not alter my psp unless something groundbreaking comes along.

  2. how cool would it be if someone made this for like a keyboard. logitech was suposed to comeout with a psp key board but sony is a ***** and wouldnt give em the rights to sell it to the public.

  3. I hope this Thread is NOT dead yet. I’m curious as to why nobody has made a PS2 Controller adapter for the PSP yet. Or at least an affordable one.

    This PSP2TV adapter features a PS2 Controller-to-PSP adapter but is over $100 and i don’t really want the TV adapter.

    The reason i’d like a controller adapter is to allow me to sit at my desk during free time at work or while on the road (not while driving of course) and play some good old Street Fighter and use the R1 and R2 buttons instead of the L and R of the PSP. Plus the screen can sit more steady. I assume this would aso allow alot of other types of controllers to be used as well.

    I bet something like this would also help keep nasty figerprints and scraches off the screen. I know NOT everyone would want this but alot of people would welcome such a device.

    Happy Hacking,

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