HOW-TO: Create An On/off Box

The HOW-TO for today is up and you can go read it over at Engadget. It’s pretty rad for musicians or audiophiles

Also, congrats to reader [j guillory] for being the first with a great quality, MPG version of the All-American Rejects performance on Letterman. He’s won himself a prize pack with a t-shirt, stickers, and some buttons! Congrats! You can view the video here (if it’s still up). Great performance. All runners up (like 3 others) will get extra stickers and buttons in their next sticker SASE.

Also note I’m no longer giving out buttons. I have about 20 left that we need for Defcon. So sorry folks, stickers for now. Buttons will be re-ordered probably. We also will be selling t-shirts soon. Maybe even packs. Like a t-shirt, sticker pack, and a few buttons for a good price. Exciting eh? Go read the HOW-TO, watch the video, and sit back for Defcon. <3

26 thoughts on “HOW-TO: Create An On/off Box

  1. i second the sucking tutorial. it’s a decent idea, but implemented like crap. it basically says put everything in the box and wire it up. for a tutorial it would be nice to have a bit of theory on what your hooking up and where. hook it up to what? no wiring schematic and the pictures show very little. please edit the pictures and bring out the details. it’s great that you have a bass in the background, but crop and set your levels so we don’t have to be distracted by it. plus the parts list is lacking in where actually to obtain the parts. for a first project, it lacks a lot of detail.

    don’t get me wrong. i appreciate people putting up tutorials on projects. but give some decent info so that it can be followed.
    ( and what’s with the killing my correct use of caps? )

  2. i didn’t know ramsy was still doing leet hacker tips. next we watch some boob bbq a laptop…

    maybe we need a hackaday kiddy section, for say the under 12 crowd. serious thought, it could have things like basic soldering, crap like this, messing with the flash unit in a disposable camera… (getting shocked by those and blinding your classmates on middle school feild trips was always a good way to kill time on the bus.)

  3. ehh, i was expecting a little more from the how-to… =/

    and i didnt know we were having a contest for the shirts and stickers yet. =[ i thought we had to send in something like ‘hacks’ for that?? you know, so we earn it?

  4. there’s no rating system so you don’t know if it’s going to be advanced material or a very basic “how to wire a switch”. i like finding the equivalent of a “hello world!” example when i’m learning something brand new. i know some ee so this wasn’t informative and i can make fun of that crappy bass.

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