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  1. Gvim is great for programming, but for anything else, Pico all the way- the menus rock, and generally the interface is really easy to use for a commandline app. Then there’s always good old SimpleText..

  2. Under Windows: Notepad
    Under VMS: EDT
    Although, I’d prefer to use PAWS, the only thing that correctly colors ATLAS. Tried Textpad, but you can’t teach it ATLAS syntax highlighting. Definitely haven’t tried all of them, however.

  3. pico/nano
    vi and emacs are for those weaklings who make mistakes, and like to “edit” existing files.
    We hardcore pico users rewrite all files from scratch to make changes.

  4. I assume vi == vim in this poll. In response to ryan’s question: my first editor was pico, but after I learned the basic vi commands I started using it exclusively. I tried using emacs to see what the big deal was, but I just got confused.

    Metapad on windows.

  5. I vaguely remember learning ed, and then vi, and I keep going back to vi because all those keyboard shortcuts are stuck in my head and damn, I just feel downright proud that I mastered it on the old Altos 68000 machine back in ’83 and can still remember. It’s like riding a bike.
    Having said that, though, there are some really good editors for gui environments. I use Textpad, if I’m forced into windoze, or gedit under gnome. I like the syntax highlighting. Also, I’ve found you just can’t beat Dreamweaver, for the split view. Being able to drag a chunk of code around with the mouse (in design view) is really handy when you’re mixing html and php. What’s best? whatever you work best with.

  6. Personally, I find using anything other than VI painful. I spend more time correcting mistakes like typing j,k,l,h trying to move the cursor, 0,$,:wq, and etc. than actually writing anything. I even find myself trying to use vi keys/commands when I’m writing an email in Thunderbird.

  7. #80: get a life.

    The AIM link was very disappointing. I’m only 16 and I made far more complex AIM-manipulating programs when I was about 14. Signing bots on for spam is, by far, nothing new, and very limited for a fairly vast amount of things you could do.

    Does anyone know if it’s up-to-date with the new toc that AOL put in? Most 1337 hax0r programs for AIM were rendered semi-useless when they did this, not too long ago.

  8. i luv one of my own visual basic creation (yer i know visual basic is crap but it does making applications fast and easy) it will either do plain text editting and it will do a special markup sys (not xml) which i made, i like usin it instead of word (has all the same features and xtras (ive forgot cause i havent used for a month)

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