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First things first: Please welcome our new contributor Fabienne Serriere a.k.a. fbz. She’s going to be writing how-tos for both Engadget and here. You can see some of her work already: The synergy how-to last week, the simple and advanced pop port mod. I’m glad to have you aboard.

And now for something completely different:

Urine batteries [greg]

Bit-tech removes SLI and adds SLI? I don’t even understand you hardware junkies anymore. [thanks Geoff]

Duke students make a smart house. There’s a joke in there somewhere. [Tmac]

Darth Vader belt to keep your pants on

10 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. I am STILL laughin so hard there are tears in my eyes. Be sure to look at the Ebay $50ibook tshirt site and watch the video. It is way too funny (just glad i didn’t get my sack kicked there)

  2. Hee…that kayak is like bent willow furniture…with a *twist*! X-treme! And the tarp adds just a dash of frontiersman…or white trash. Either way.

    Visqueen would make a neat alternative covering I think. That way you could see through it! It also says white trash without saying frontiersman. Yeah…

  3. As someone who lives right next to Henrico County, I can tell you that everyone knew this was going to happen. I still dont see why anyone would want a 4 year old used and abused laptop, especially an apple ibook. Henrico wanted to switch to Dell because the ibooks latches are poorly designed and break easily. but hell, it was only $50.

  4. How come slashdot isn’t on the feeedster 500, why even post that?
    Stop asking about vince, he left, he lives back in Jersey now, he wants to work at banana republic again.
    North Korean propaganda is too funny. I must block that site at work or else I won’t get any actual work done.
    Duke still sucks.

  5. yeah guys I was at the henrico county sale in the front line. It was amazing. Me and my friend went to RIR at about 6 am. There was already a line at least a mile down. People were there since 1:30 in the morning. So then we saw these cars parked in front of the main gate. The police officer told us that cars get first priority. So my friend and I went to this guy who had a Chevy Suburban. It’s huge! We each paid 10 bux so we can get in first. He stuffed 12 people in his suv. When we got in, we were at front of the line. There was so much pushing and shvoing. My whole shirt was wet and my sandals destroyed. I didnt have space to move my hands. Some people around me fainted. Finally I got in after an hour or so. It was ridiculous. It was worse than day after Thanskgiving. At least in Thanksgiving people are more civilized. But e and my friend got an ibook. I was the 87th customer. :)

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