DIY Flamethrower

flame front yard

I was reading The Red Ferret Journal yesterday and thought the Ultimate Water Gun looked familiar. Well [-Pat] had sent this flamethrower build in the day before. It is the same build, but the red ferret link was to a super soaker forum, so it doesn’t shoot flames. The forum post is a little more detailed on the construction. Just read both and prepare to remove yourself from this planet. In all seriousness, please be careful if you are playing with fire or just pressure testing PVC.

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Hackaday Links

First things first: Please welcome our new contributor Fabienne Serriere a.k.a. fbz. She’s going to be writing how-tos for both Engadget and here. You can see some of her work already: The synergy how-to last week, the simple and advanced pop port mod. I’m glad to have you aboard.

And now for something completely different:

Urine batteries [greg]

Bit-tech removes SLI and adds SLI? I don’t even understand you hardware junkies anymore. [thanks Geoff]

Duke students make a smart house. There’s a joke in there somewhere. [Tmac]

Darth Vader belt to keep your pants on

HOW-TO: Make A Nokia Pop Port To Female Mini Jack With Volume Control

nokia popport
When Nokia announced their music player capable phones they neglected to mention the lack of support for external headphones. Since the release of the 6230 and its related family with mp3/aac playback support, many disgruntled users have made their own home-brew cables to plug in headphones. Today we will show one such mod for the Nokia HDS-3 cable. Our mod includes an analog volume dial integrated into the push to talk unit. The HDS-3 cable ships with the 6230 and other Nokia phones capable of stereo playback.

by Fabienne Serriere

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