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  1. holy shit, because of that link my site got more hits today than all of this month and probably last month combined, statcounter tells me i have had around 2000 today! considering lit was like 60 yesterday

  2. “that nes remote was pretty cool, but you will notice that the volume down button was actually the ‘select’ button on the NES controller not the B button.”
    – yeah, right before I made the video, the ‘B’ button pad broke, so I had to rewire it at the last minute. Good eye though toaster.

  3. I know I’ve seen threads online about people wanting to hook their iPods up to their PSPs, well now you can experiment: http://www.psp-hardware.com/index.php?module=PayPalCart&func=detail&pid=2&offset=0 same place that has the memstick reader adapter. Someone just needs to tinker with it and find out which connections are used for data, and power(?) and see if it’ll interface with the iPod and see it as a bigass memstick.

  4. Ya i did a bit of reasearch into thermoacoustics about a year ago (not sure where my links are). There is one university in particualr thats done alot of good work on it. One thing i can warn you though, you probably wont be making one yourself. We did the calcualtions on it ourselves and it HAS to be done at high pressure… rather high too… nothing i would recomend an amateur playing with. Infact for fun we calculated what it would take to cool by 1 degree celcius at room temperature and pressure. Basicly it came down to a standing wave running at about 300Hz with a dispalcement of about 1m. Hence why i havnt made one yet ;)

  5. I had a friend that created a thermoacoustic engine for a physics project and he and I brainstormed ways to adapt it to processor cooling or something of the sort. His was relatively simple, a glass test tube, a ceramic disk, some wire, and a very exact power supply.

    Only problem is that damn humming….

  6. Has anyone else noticed something lacking the last couple of weeks? At first I thought maybe the drop of content was not a big deal, but now there is consistant begging for links.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the site and Eliot is maintaining but there is a big difference without Vince. Perhaps the new contributor can fill the void.

  7. I find this file in E-mule on DonkeyServer No.3
    is it a real or is a virus it weights 2.36 gigs what do you think
    Installing OS X in a PC The last solution is based on installation of Darwin 8.1 on an HD from a PC.

    Then, install the HD in a Mac, then installed all packs from the installation CD of MacOSX x86 via a software such as pacifist.
    Then apply all patched, and place back the HD in the PC and reboot.
    This method seems to work well on most Dell Dimensions.

    The question how do I patch the packs and where i can find the rosseta software

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