Hackaday Links

I quit my day job. How was your day today? Not really I’ve still got two more weeks.

[Phil Jern] Is working on a hack to digitize his slides, not the way you’re thinking.

Web app to recover your forgotten FTP password from Dreamweaver. [Cruz]

People have been playing around with Google Talk. Yay command line options. There is also a debug menu screenshot. [BlasterX]

[Darkprinc] Sent in this great guide to making cheap baby bottles and here I thought [www51]’s comment was going to bring on the pr0n.

Here is an NES controller midi game project… or something, it’s buried in the Flash. Look for “the res” [annie_linux]

People are still hacking away at the CVS Camcorder. How about double record time or double resolution?

[Paul b] Built something like our usb battery v2, but wasn’t able to charge his 4G iPod. After a little reverse engineering he came up with this solution.

This to That (Glue Advice), bondage done right. [via Lifehacker]

We linked to a proxy list the other day. [Janitha] pointed out that you can always set up your own.

Keep up the good work.

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Automated Chicken Feeder

chicken feeder

Tom has written up how he built his automated chicken feeder. First he constructed a large funnel inside the chicken coop. This feeds into a hardwood block where the auger is located. He had originally tried using a drill bit run by a slow moving copier motor, but it couldn’t slip so it would jam occasionally. The bit was replaced with a coil of stiff wire. It didn’t have as fast a feed rate so it needed to be run for a longer time period. The final piece is modifying an outlet timer so it will drive the motor directly using battery power. The power circuit has low enough requirements that it could eventually be driven by a solar panel.

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