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I quit my day job. How was your day today? Not really I’ve still got two more weeks.

[Phil Jern] Is working on a hack to digitize his slides, not the way you’re thinking.

Web app to recover your forgotten FTP password from Dreamweaver. [Cruz]

People have been playing around with Google Talk. Yay command line options. There is also a debug menu screenshot. [BlasterX]

[Darkprinc] Sent in this great guide to making cheap baby bottles and here I thought [www51]’s comment was going to bring on the pr0n.

Here is an NES controller midi game project… or something, it’s buried in the Flash. Look for “the res” [annie_linux]

People are still hacking away at the CVS Camcorder. How about double record time or double resolution?

[Paul b] Built something like our usb battery v2, but wasn’t able to charge his 4G iPod. After a little reverse engineering he came up with this solution.

This to That (Glue Advice), bondage done right. [via Lifehacker]

We linked to a proxy list the other day. [Janitha] pointed out that you can always set up your own.

Keep up the good work.

16 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. That slide photo thing is pure genious. simple, cheap, and it looks really effective. that’s the kind of hack that you should be saving for the “lazy afternoons” posts, if you still do those.

  2. There is also my personal favorite, the SSH-based SOCKS proxy (a favorite among those behind a filter, or for those using a WAP without encryption). I’ll write up a guide tonight and put it up on Security Engine (http://security.the-engine.org).

    I also saw an interesting article a while back on routing traffic through ping, which is great for those times when the wireless hotspots in your area are all fee-based (they don’t charge you to ping, though :P).

  3. the double the time length on the camcorder can actually be done in a much better way. downloading the newest ops has an option where yo u can choose what you want the maximum record time to be. rather than trick the camera, you can change its internal settings.

  4. If you loose your ftp password but still have it saved (in ftp program or web editor)and you can still connect it, you can run ethereal and take the password from the captured packets, and if you lazy you can always use cain to do it and it will pick out the password for you.


  5. could somebody post a better explination of what that modified usb2 battery charger is doing, and why? i have a gen4 ipod and built the original usb2 battery, but it never seemed to work for me… i never got a charging logo. any help would be appreciated

  6. Mike – to me it looks like the charging requires all 4 USB lines (normally the power is on 2, and data on the other 2). The red should be positive, black negative, and green and white data. I would imagine you would want to wire a 9V battery to the red/black lines, and connect the wires inside the USB cable with the resistors he lists (and take note of the jumps, meaning the wires shouldn’t touch). Hope that helps!

  7. I’ve done the same thing to copy my slides when I used to have a Nikon 950. I built the slide support fram out of LEGO technic parts but the idea is the same. Diud a bang up job, the camera had a much better dynamic range than my scanner that I had back then.
    The work done on the CVS camcorder is simplay amazing, I have to get a few and build some stereo video camera rigs…

  8. is there any more information or a how-to for the usb ipod 4g charger. I have almost completed this project, but I don’t want to add any more components until I know exactly what they do. Does paul b have a website?


  9. Mike & Eric, the 4g ipod won’t start charging using the basic usb charger desigs. I checked a genuine apple usb adapter and measured the resistance values that are shown in the diagram. It seems the ipod checks for these before it will start charging. So to make the homemade charger work, simply solder resistors across the usb socket as described.

    However it doesn’t seem to fussy. I used various resistors I had lying around and some were +- 20% of the original values. It works fine.

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