Hackaday Links Resurrection

Here is everything you should have gotten last night. I do use the Session Saver extension and it has saved me a lot of frustration in the past, but it didn’t save what I was typing in the web form.

If you’ve got a project that you want to show off like Seth and Doug did, feel free to drop us a line with a description. If we like it we’ll ask you to submit the story as plain text with markers where the images should go. All images should be reduced to 425px wide; we can link to larger ones if needed.

Some modchip developers have gotten their hands on an XBox 360 dev-kit and posted a ton of hardware pictures.

USAToday article on why we should have the “freedom to tinker” [via Techdirt]

Wooden laptop, far less serious than that last one [Mr. President]

[will] wrote up how to setup a secure SOCKS proxy using SSH. I am definitely doing this.

More abuse of free shipping boxes: cardboard boat. [The Sponge]

Controlling an RC Car with a computer, he describes the project in a video. [jaguarrrr]

PDF How-to remove a laptop LCD [Imanuel votteler]

[slash fury] decides to go big and cram a micro-ATX into an XBox.

I mentioned Session Saver above. I also include Spellbound and Greasemonkey on my short list of essential Firefox extensions. Anybody else have a favorite they can’t live without?

As usual, we’re looking for the hook-up.

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