19 thoughts on “Laptop Cooler

  1. Nick – does your Dell still have its little rubber feet? Mine fell off within the first week, and now the only thing that stops the fan from being pressed flat against the desk is the rasied area around the fan – good job on the cooler!

  2. If you dont care about big and bulky and have a half foot behind your computer, ok. But you might as well set up a box fan pointed at the computer. I wouldnt trade my iBreeze for that thing.

  3. I have that same dell, it is pretty much the worst fan placement known to man. I’ve pulled the entire thing apart several times and pulled a virtual persian carpet from the cooling fins. Maybe I should dust more.

  4. I did the same thing independantly when one of my fans stopped running. I made the extractor out of cardboard and duck tape and used 120mm fan connected to a 12 volt variable power supply (the kind used for universal chargers). Works like a dream. Sits at max 57 whereas with one fan running it would go up to 70 ish and keep climbing. I might remove the old fan head to help airflow.

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