HADA01 – Hack-A-Day Extras


We put out three podcasts in the last year and we plan on doing more. The one that truly stands above the others was Hack-A-Day podcast 2 produced by Jason Striegel. You can also check out numbers one and three.

A while ago I built a Firefox search plugin following these instructions. Just place the two files in your “searchplugins” directory and you should be good to go. Alternatively you can get a Hack-a-Day search from mozdev.

People often complain about our forced lowercase. You could use [Joshua Holbrook]’s Recapitalizer Greasemonkey script to alleviate the pain.

As a final treat here is all the wallpaper that has ever been submitted in a 15MB file. It includes wallpaper posts one, two and three plus some that have never been posted.

7 thoughts on “HADA01 – Hack-A-Day Extras

  1. oh man, you guys are making me blush.

    i must say, elliot and fabienne, not only are you doing a flat-out incredible job with hackaday, but you throw an exceptional party as well. thanks for all your hard work and your persistence of vision ;)

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