HADA01 – Logo Cake


We usually post stuff related to case mods rather than cake mods, but today is an exception. It’s our 01-th anniversary today and to celebrate we decided to bake a Hack-A-Day logo cake! The cake is a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting served on a homebrew circuit board platter. Celebrate our 01 Hack-A-Day style.

For this cake-mod you will need:
vanilla cake
various knives (spreading knife, box cutter, sharp kitchen knife)
chopstick or other square ended small clean tool
large green circuit board (like our motherboard isa bus extension card found on the street)
clear plastic from a zipper lock bag (to protect your cake eaters from solder lead and to protect your circuit board from cake and frosting)
black foam core board or similar
green lighting (super bright green led’s, green christmas lights, etc.)

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Hack-A-Day Anniversary 01 – First Post!

A year ago today, Phillip Torrone posted the first hack of the day: a redbox built from a RadioShack phone dialer. We’ll be celebrating all day and you should be able to find us in the #hackaday channel on Efnet.

Since this about the first post I thought it would be fun to cover “first post!” phenomena on Hack-A-Day. Our audience has gotten huge over the last year, but the behavior of “first post”ers is still silly. Here’s why:

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HADA01 – Hack-A-Day Extras


We put out three podcasts in the last year and we plan on doing more. The one that truly stands above the others was Hack-A-Day podcast 2 produced by Jason Striegel. You can also check out numbers one and three.

A while ago I built a Firefox search plugin following these instructions. Just place the two files in your “searchplugins” directory and you should be good to go. Alternatively you can get a Hack-a-Day search from mozdev.

People often complain about our forced lowercase. You could use [Joshua Holbrook]’s Recapitalizer Greasemonkey script to alleviate the pain.

As a final treat here is all the wallpaper that has ever been submitted in a 15MB file. It includes wallpaper posts one, two and three plus some that have never been posted.

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HADA01 – Hack-A-Day Has A Posse


Hack-A-Day wouldn’t exist without our venerable readers. As a HADA01 tribute, here is a mini photo essay of the many and varied ways you’ve displayed the skully hardware hacker logo. If you’ve tagged anything from towers to notebooks with the skull-and-hack-bones, please leave a link in the comments. From us to you: thank you and keep ripping that gear apart.

pictured above: [ryan] was the first to send us a pic of our buttons or stickers in use.

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