HADA01 – Hack-A-Day has a posse


Hack-A-Day wouldn’t exist without our venerable readers. As a HADA01 tribute, here is a mini photo essay of the many and varied ways you’ve displayed the skully hardware hacker logo. If you’ve tagged anything from towers to notebooks with the skull-and-hack-bones, please leave a link in the comments. From us to you: thank you and keep ripping that gear apart.

pictured above: [ryan] was the first to send us a pic of our buttons or stickers in use.

from Phillip Torrone‘s linux your ipod post comes this screen shot:
ipod linux hack

[smouldering-dog] showed us his computer controlled laser to cut sheet metal and then shipped us a logo carved with the device:

[roto] sent this in with his psp browser post (mirror of the project):

our stickers made it onto some b0xen including one belonging to [meltz]:

[dylan] didn’t get stickers, so he decided to make some and post a how-to:

[Douglas McDonald] made a scribbler bot to draw up the skull ‘n wrenches in ballpoint pen:

…and just recently [billy the impaler] wrote in with this locker paint job:

So from us to you, thank you for spreading the love. Be sure to leave us links to pics of your own uses for the Hack-A-Day logo in the comments!

17 thoughts on “HADA01 – Hack-A-Day has a posse

  1. I’ve been flying the hackaday colours on the door to my dorm room, dig it:


    I’ve been getting compliments on it and have been spreading the gospel of hackaday accordingly

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