Hacking Network Printers

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[Irongeek] has assembled a good starting point for hacking network printers. It starts with a discussion of stock passwords and how to administrate printers using telnet. Next is finding printers using NMAP. You can actually use the JetDirect boxes as idle scan zombies to scan other systems without exposing yourself. Other topics include setting up direct IP printing, changing the display, and using Hijetter from the Phenoelit crew. The ability to capture and replay print jobs really demonstrates how insecure network printing is.

[Irongeek] is also a great source for making the most of your Zaurus and has video demos of other hacking topics.

16 thoughts on “Hacking Network Printers

  1. Great work as usual Irongeek. I was stoked when you showed us the page the other day, and am particularly impressed with the arp poisoning section. Something most have never considered, I’m sure. The LRS whitepaper you link to, along with your page, clearly show the seriousness of this and how to help protect yourself.

  2. I work for HP support and I can tell you it’s barely hacking once get onto the network.
    Using the HP JetWeb Admin software you can allready scan a network for printer and change almost all settings, also the ready text can be changed, “insert coin” is my favorite.
    The autodetect works really nice, HP US has many of it’s offices connected and at one point on test installation of HP_WJA managed to find over a 1000 printers. It only took 3 days.

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