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First a request: I know some of you have had some experience hacking together Greasemonkey scripts. Jim Hanas over at Hanasiana has a quick project he needs help with. Go ask him for the details.

The Nano cases keep rolling in: Here is [Atonomie]’s leather Nano case. Use the template to get a head start on your own case.

More CSS/Javascript/Ajax fun:
CSS/Javascript chat room [wtanaka]
Custom Ajax homepage [Andrew]
[ondras]’s universal SQL & er-diagram designer

[Biggs] built a remote shutter release for his 350D out of a mouse.

Custom Slim Devices control boxes by [chrisla]

[colin]’s super cheap laptop cooler

A ton of laptop photo frames [rob]

[eitan]’s Zen Micro Altoids case

Magnetic levitation demonstrator

[Jonathan Zornow]’s guide for abusing iDVD

Cheat sheet for getting a human operator [hazar via In4mador]

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7 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. yay i finally got something posted on hackaday!

    but that levitation thing is awesome.

    i wish i could set up the netvibe page as an active desktop, that would be cool…

    it wont load any of the content though.

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