How-To: Automatically Download And Convert TV For Your IPod

The good folks at Videora have recently released the Videora iPod Converter. Using this tool you can make almost any video iPod ready. They have a handy how-to for ripping and transcoding your own DVDs. Our goal is to automatically download TV using Bittorrent and convert it to an iPod friendly format saving ourselves $2.

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Hackaday Links

By popular demand: Please post your favorite TV torrent sites with RSS feeds in the comments. When I was putting the how-to together I was using Mininova.

[Tom]’s silly Skype hack to get out of meetings.

[DeeJay] posted instructions on his site for region unlocking a Philips DVP 3007/69 DVD player. He lucked out since it is the same method as a 3005.

Increase the signal strength of your iTrip. [chphilli]

[evan b] pointed out the Bluetooth vibrator. I hope for their sake they aren‘t using a default PIN. Makes me wonder if anyone ever built a vibrator with a MIDI interface. I should stop thinking out loud.

[Willb3rg] sent in a site that has been a favorite of mine purely for its recipe structure: Cooking for Engineers.

GEN H-4 Personal Helicopter Fly with all the grace of a dandelion caught in an updraft. Video

Cellphone Unix Terminal [weijie90]

[sprocket] continues to mod the roboraptor, adding tail tilt sensors this time.

How-to control stepper motors using a parallel port and some VB. [monkmo]

The tip line

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