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By popular demand: Please post your favorite TV torrent sites with RSS feeds in the comments. When I was putting the how-to together I was using Mininova.

[Tom]’s silly Skype hack to get out of meetings.

[DeeJay] posted instructions on his site for region unlocking a Philips DVP 3007/69 DVD player. He lucked out since it is the same method as a 3005.

Increase the signal strength of your iTrip. [chphilli]

[evan b] pointed out the Bluetooth vibrator. I hope for their sake they aren‘t using a default PIN. Makes me wonder if anyone ever built a vibrator with a MIDI interface. I should stop thinking out loud.

[Willb3rg] sent in a site that has been a favorite of mine purely for its recipe structure: Cooking for Engineers.

GEN H-4 Personal Helicopter Fly with all the grace of a dandelion caught in an updraft. Video

Cellphone Unix Terminal [weijie90]

[sprocket] continues to mod the roboraptor, adding tail tilt sensors this time.

How-to control stepper motors using a parallel port and some VB. [monkmo]

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31 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. my new i530 doesn’t have an alarm clock so i’ve been sleeping in a lot lately. a few days ago i got the idea to use skype + task scheduler to setup my own wakeup calls. i didn’t get the motivation until i saw this writeup.

    i had to change skype:phonenumber?call to callto:phonenumber but everything works great.

  2. Woot! I got in!

    Check out the Cooking for Engineers really easy marshmallow and fudge recipies. Every time you squash a bug in your code, treat yourself.

    Debugging has never been less boring!

  3. Dunno how many people use torrents, but beware – I got called twice by my isp…even with abusing the Tor crap! – You are SOOOOOO open it isnt even funny. I removed everything from my system that had to do with it until someone can release a TRUE SECURE client, which probably wont ever happen.


  4. Nice work on th itrip.
    It made me open up my irock300.
    The antenna is in the audio cable and easily extracted by simply pulling it out.
    The 300 also has an open slot just short of a AAA battery in width between the battery slots, so my coil antenna went there.

  5. Dunno about the midi vibrator, but Fruity Studio has had a VST plugin for a long time called (what else) the fruity vibrator. It lets you load & map .ffe effect files so that a force feedback device can vibrate in time with your music. Ahh the worthless things we learn.

  6. I got a letter back when I was using Kazaa/eDonkey type networks, but not for BitTorrent. I’ve been using BitTorrent to download TV shows (and other stuff) for probably two years now, and never got a letter or a call from Comcast or even my uni’s IT department about it.

    The MPAA/RIAA attack BT by shutting down the popular trackers, not by suing users. It’s a simple fact, and anyone who says otherwise is just scaremongering.

  7. *sigh* Websites that make noise, especially as much as “Sprocket2cog” need to die.

    In fact, Flash in general needs to die, it draws poor web designers in like moths to a candle.

  8. I remember that CUTs thing from a couple years ago when i was trying to get it to work but my phone service never allowed me to send e-mails via text messages so instead i created my own CUTs type system by modifying blue toc so that it would login to aim, send a text to my phone (via aim, that way i have the reply number) and then wait for messages, when it recieved a message it would see if it’s coming from one of my screen names or from my phone and if it was then it would take the body of the message and execute it in bash and send the results back through the im.

    Right now i don’t know where that script is but if i find it i’ll submit it. I remember that it was super easy to get blue toc to do what i wanted it to do, you can find blue toc at http://www.therisenrealm.com/scripts/bluetoc/

  9. Well to the “scaremongering” umm..person…I dont need to lie…I DID get 2 calls about it from my isp, and the next time it happens they will cancel the account, and I have to take every PC to a repair shop to have them remove anything illegal, and everything to do with P2P software. After i pay that bill they wioll give me a letter to give to my cable company so they will turn it back on. If it would happen again after that, they would pursue “other means”.

    Yes I did use Peer Guardian – and NO it doesnt work for crap – it only blocks the addresses it has in its list – buy a new connection, not on the list!

    the first time they called it was about an Adobe product, WHICH I WASNT EVEN DOWNLOADING!

    the second time it was for HBO’S ROME!

    I pay for cable, so I should be alloweed to d/l the stuff, but the cable company said it is illegal, and mopre and more they are clamping down on people who are doing it.


    But then again, maybe I am a moron and am just trying to scare people…ROFLMAO…why cant we go back to BBS’s..sigh

  10. Re the Bluetooth vibrator,

    I know the guy that designed the electronics for that. Aparently it’s not using the default PIN and you cannot connect to it accidentaly.

    Me: oooh wonder how secure it is….hunt one out on the train then keep making it buzz ;-)
    Designer: nope, not at all possible :)
    Me: damn :-(

    Shame really, would have been fun!

  11. hey dont like the noise turn off the volume.
    im not a bad designer :) just need to show case some flash…so deal with it..just cause we can use flash dosent make us bad does it?
    or in that case just cause you got a windows ce device makes you inherintly evil.
    and instead of just posting kill the sprocket2cog site send me a note to say hey dude, kill the sound, not the site..
    but then if you bothered to help not hinder we all could live in piece not pieces..but then again the phoienx rose from the ashes didnt he…burn baby burn!! http://www.sprocket.twistedsouls.com
    oh and all my flash is in indiviual frames so if your using firefox just lose the frame.
    oh and if you look around you can kill the title….sarcasim is a crime…

  12. Hello this is for Mike. I would lioke to know the ISP you have as if you are in the United States of America it is illegal for them to
    MONITOR your activity in any way. if they persist on this i would suggest getting your self a cheap ass lawyer and take them to court on “INVASION OF PRIVACY” second what is the name of the company you sent your PC/HD to because i dont know of any that will WIPE your HD and then give you a certificate to send to your ISP. THIRD and this is the most important of all
    A cable isp using DOCSIS which is the only way to distribute internet access through the cable lines. which does NOT allow them to monitor exactly what you are doing. it can just give them an idea.
    i do NOT condone the stealing of softwarez, or well anything for that matter. I do hack but i do it the real way none of this stealing shit and sure as hell no kid shit.
    now if you want to get away with it find me via AIM as luciferxe anyone here can contact me if they wish. go ahead spamm my account and then ill know how leet you really are :P. ill just trace your ass down and fuck with you too in return.
    I am here for information what you do with the information i give you is in your hands as i will take NO responsibility for what you do with it
    people are so scared of P2P and still do it.but their is nothing to worry about if you live in the united states unless you kdont know your legal system. lol which apparently most of you dont. well atleast you mike.

    have a good day all.

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