Solderless Breadboard Transporter

solderless breadboard case

[Adam Wolf] sent along this great tip for transporting projects. He chopped out the center section of a tackle box clearing the way for two breadboards to be stuck to the lid. The boards are spaced for a DIP40 chip. Two binding post are epoxied in place to provide power. Now you can move your projects and parts without knocking wires loose. More details at his blog.

15 thoughts on “Solderless Breadboard Transporter

  1. Nice :-) Ages ago I build my own speech board using a bread board like above (connected to my homebrew I/O port, connected to my tweaked ZX Spectrum). One of the problems was that now and then a connection wire didn’t make a good connection. So I could have used a box like this.

    OTOH, the funniest thing was when the speech chip started to talk based on noisy input:


  2. Excellent idea although I’m not completely sold on the implementation (the bottom of the box sitting up in the air would get in the way), fitting into the tackle case is nice though. There’s probably nothing more annoying than a hookup wire coming loose and the mad scramble that follows trying to figure out why the hell your project isn’t working anymore.

  3. In my defense, the dremel really doesn’t go that fast. It’s a little battery-powered one. I actually had to recharge it twice to cut through that plastic. Couldn’t have cut through the bottom in less than 30 seconds. . . :-P

  4. I did something similar, I used 3 830pt solderless breadboards, and used their adhesive backs to interlock them on a clipboard. Its good to hold circuit diagrams and it makes me look geeky

  5. If you install the board inside the space you dremeled out you could still use the storage compartments.

    …unless of course you can get away with the the board being upside-down.

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