Vegetable Oil Benz

biodiesel tank

Biodiesel has moved into the spotlight recently due to rising gas prices. It’s an attractive solution because of the minimal modifications needed for the conversion and the abundance of fuel. The original Diesel engine was designed to run on vegetable oil, but fossil fuels proved much cheaper.

This particular conversion is on a 1980 Mercedes Benz. It uses a second fuel tank mounted in the trunk to store the filtered waste vegetable oil. Vegetable oil can gel and even solidify when the outdoor temperature drops so the tank has a built in heat exchanger to warm the oil with engine coolant.  The fuel supply line is bundled in with the warm water lines as it travels to the engine compartment.  The car is started using the normal fuel tank and then switched over to the vegetable oil after it has properly warmed up. It is important to switch back to regular diesel before turning off the engine to make sure the oil is flushed out of the injectors and supply lines.

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Solderless Breadboard Transporter

solderless breadboard case

[Adam Wolf] sent along this great tip for transporting projects. He chopped out the center section of a tackle box clearing the way for two breadboards to be stuck to the lid. The boards are spaced for a DIP40 chip. Two binding post are epoxied in place to provide power. Now you can move your projects and parts without knocking wires loose. More details at his blog.

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