Porting Firefox Extensions To Flock


Flock is the new “social” web browser based on Mozilla’s Firefox source code. They recently released a “developer preview” for those of us that must try every piece of bleeding edge software. Flock’s claim to fame is its ability to integrate with web services like Flickr, del.icio.us, and blogging software. Most people aren’t willing to jump ship without their Firefox extensions though. You can force an extension to install by unpacking the .xpi and replacing the version checking code. Whether the extension works or not is still up in the air. Geoff has all of the details you need to port extensions to Flock.

11 thoughts on “Porting Firefox Extensions To Flock

  1. I’d rather have some of those flock add-ons (del.icio.us, flickr bar, blog posting tools, etc) as extensions in Firefox.

    I tried Flock. Neat, but still, they would’ve been better as Firefox extensions.

  2. Be warned about this program: it won’t install if your machine lacks their requirements. I have a 300mhz 3110ct that underclocks itself to about 166: the install program bellyached about my cpu being under 233mhz (30 gigs of hd space and 192mb of ram, so those couldn’t be the issue.)

  3. I had an idea 4 months ago for something similar to this, but I didn’t have the time to start working on it. I’m glad someone had the same idea, because I probably still wouldn’t ever get around to it.

    Anyone know really good, cheap hosting? I’m looking for an easy way to share my programs with other people, since dropload and AIM/MSN transfers aren’t cutting it anymore.

  4. Kibiyama – I use cdxsolutions.com. It’ll cost you between 5 and 10 bucks a month depending on your plan. I also use godaddy.com. I don’t like their administrative section, but the hosting is reliable and cheap.

  5. its still in developer preview. many extension will be ported in stable release. since its the same engine, the portal will be smooth as silk. and the approach for easy to use blogging tools really attracted many hardcore bloggers out there.

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