USB Bluetooth Without Sacrificing A Port


Myriam a.k.a. [tnkgrl] decided that the the Averatec 1050 laptop was sorely in need of some Bluetooth and was tired of losing a port to a USB dongle. The AV1050 reports 3 usb ports in the device manager, but only features two external ports. She disassembled the laptop and went looking for the third port. The end result is 2 fully functioning USB ports and internal Bluetooth. There’s enough detail in the post you should be able to pull this off with other laptops as well.

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Porting Firefox Extensions To Flock


Flock is the new “social” web browser based on Mozilla’s Firefox source code. They recently released a “developer preview” for those of us that must try every piece of bleeding edge software. Flock’s claim to fame is its ability to integrate with web services like Flickr,, and blogging software. Most people aren’t willing to jump ship without their Firefox extensions though. You can force an extension to install by unpacking the .xpi and replacing the version checking code. Whether the extension works or not is still up in the air. Geoff has all of the details you need to port extensions to Flock.

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