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Yeah, I know Engadget is F@H now. I doesn’t bother me since we’re already sitting at #175 and are top 20 producers. If you need help troubleshooting your setup check out the unofficial Team Hack-A-Day Folding@HOME forum. [pocketlnt]

Speaking of Engadget: Did you see the low tech tea serving automata? You can build one entirely out of paper. [Manion]

Linux kernel 2.6.14 release impacts nearly every architecture. Lots of cool stuff has been merged like Centrino support and FUSE filesystem (think GmailFS). I’d be all over this, but still no Reiser4.

I hope someone gives [Peter] a proper rotary tool as a present. Maybe his future projects won’t look as gnarly as his CD player iPod disguise.

Modifying a Dell PowerEdge SC420 to accept a 16X PCI-E video card [h-tech]

[dcgrendel] wrote some dhtml to generate VMware .vmx config files.

Xbox-scene has some info on Xbox 360 security measures. [SilverX]

SnakeOil Labs has a couple how-tos up. Setting up FreeNX on Ubuntu and using Firefox with SwitchProxy.

[Alex Harris] has written up his experience installing Linux on his 2G iPod mini.

Live Knoppix CD for running a PPC and x86 distributed compiler (distcc) [Corey]

[John Bokma]’s experience making an XP Pro VM for the VMware player

[sle118] has an autoassociate script for WRT client mode.

Have a good weekend and we can always use good tips.

10 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. Well, it doesn’t sound like we’re going to be able to softmod the Xbox this time around… But I rest assured knowing that you can always hack silicon. I suspect it won’t take TeamXcuter too long on this one. I’ll go practice my soldering skills.

  2. joelanders: sure, go ahead and coat the whole motherboard in a nice thermal insulator. of course, that’s only if you don’t want your system to live very long. there is current flowing through the system. current through resistance creates heat. heat reduces risistance. current increases. more heat. smoking silicon. it’s a positive feedback loop known as thermal runaway, and that’s why cooling is so damn important.

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