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biquad dish

From the comments it sounds like people actually were reading the links posts. Well, the story is: We’re taking Hack-A-Day back to its original purpose, one hack a day. By popular demand though it looks like I’ll be putting up some random links posts from time to time.

If you are getting bored you can check out the Team Hack-A-Day Folding@HOME team forum which now has a memorable web address: http://teamhackaday.com The team should be hitting 3 million points this weekend. You could also hang out on our long standing IRC channel: #hackaday on EFnet.

Did you see Fabienne’s post on Engadget yesterday? There are only two comments so I’m guessing no.

Jason has posted a video from his ROV, lots of mud and a few fish.

We weren’t posting links last week so we missed out on the Sony DRM scandal. I hope you read the original post on Sysinternals since the technical details are really interesting. The story has been pretty well covered except no one can seem to report it without putting the word rootkit in quotation marks. It should be in the lexicon right next to worm and virus

53 thoughts on “Hack-A-Day Extra

  1. Please keep the links posts! I’m a creature of habit, and everyday I check hack-a-day for the daily hack, then check again in the afternoon for the miscellaneous links. There’s lots of good stuff here! Keep it coming!

  2. Well if your taking away the links then I’d stongly suggest that you add something else like hacking contests or something.
    Most hacks lately have been way to advanced for me and some I just haven’t found interesting.
    So PLEASE add something more.

  3. the links were one of the reasons i loved hack-a-day so much. it added variety and something to look forward to when the hack was above my head/skill level. though i try to make it a point of comprehending as much as i can find from this site, the links were good distractions when i didn’t.

  4. I agree with the above posts. I found my self checking hackaday three or four times a day to check on the most recent hacks and escpecially the links. I can understand the decision not to continue the links…but I do not have to like it. Other than that, keep up the good work

  5. I agree with the above posts. I found my self checking hackaday three or four times a day to check on the most recent hacks and escpecially the links. I can understand the decision not to continue the links…but I do not have to like it. Other than that, keep up the good work

  6. WHAT!!! discontinuing hacks, that was what kept me going thru life, knowing that there was someone out there that put up links just for readers like me, ive been checkin every afternoon and around 9 cst but no links, i am also very depressed and on the verge of an important descion, hackaday links are like drugs man, im addicted!!!!!

  7. I was just thinking to myself today that Hackaday hasn’t had any link posts in a while. But I hardly call one hack a day enough, if thats how its gonna be then I guess I gotta find a new blog to check when I get to comp class. :(

  8. onward ho with the hacky links! I, like the previous commenters, check hackaday like 4 times a day or more for a hack in the mornin an links in the afternoon, even if u guys take out links, i’ll still be a dedicated reader! rock on hackaday!

  9. Browsing through one of those free “be a better parent” rags they offer for free (at various locations like grocery stores & libraries in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex), I had to do a doubletake. There was an add for a private girls’ school called “Hockaday”.


    of all things. Are you being ripped off? Have you started a private girls’ school down the road from me, and not told anybody? :)


  10. I have only a few sites I hit every day, 4hv,fark,slashdot,fazed,hackaday,theregister,rotten, engadget,makezine,pennyarcade,netflix. I like to go there at lunch and when I get home. I like updates. BTW thanks for the support on my railgun and ROV project.

  11. This is my first post but I’m always checking this site, don’t stop! You have such a large userbase I remember a time some guy had to upgrade his webserver to take the traffic. I just had to say something when my fav daily site is in danger. I love this site and it would bring real tears to my eyes for it to die.

  12. You asked for it, I found it!
    Here is a oneline command to convert video for iPod use. Taken from http://ipodlinux.org/Video_Player

    I have not tested it as I do not have an ipod, so let us know how it goes. Looks like there is a windows and linux version of this program. i imagine the linux version will compile fine on a mac.

    mencoder -ovc raw -ofps 15 -oac pcm -vf scale=220:-2,expand=220:176,format=bgr16 in.avi -o out.avi

  13. Oops. Just noticed something. This is not code to convert video to play on the ipod video. this is to convert video to play on almost ANY ipod. mini, 1g – 5g, photo, grayscale or color.

    Do I get extra credit on the homework for this?
    With a little tweaking of the options im sure it will convert video optimised for the ipod video, just get the screen res, fps, etc and should be good.
    Have fun!

  14. The links were great and covered a nice wide skill set and area, from simple to advanced, from DJ equipment to Linux based balloons! I suspect you will loose a lot of your not-so-tech-savy readers if you loose the links.

  15. i want info on the pic that is used at the top of the links for today the dish and computer where can i read the artical of info in that pic

    also keep the links comming i have missed them i check 2-3 times a day!!


  16. your going back to the old way…with just hacks, 1 a day… and about 1/100000 the readeres now…. and thatss a good thing? keep the links, hear the people, the links are the thing that mde me read hackaday relligiously, what kept me rootin. ssave th links!!!

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