Electrified Tankbag


Once Scot got his second motorcycle it became very apparent that he needed to figure out a way to transfer his gadget gear between bikes. A simple trailer connector is used to provide 12V to the bag. This power is distributed by a block with three switches on it. One powers the map light. Another powers the radar detector. The third switch is for a future MP3 player. With some cable shortening Scot was able to get the radar detector and its display into the bag. Now by simply disconnecting the power lead he can move the whole bag to a different bike.

[thanks Sleekblack]

21 thoughts on “Electrified Tankbag

  1. there has always been at least one hack a day… “hack a day serves up a fresh hack each day”
    perhaps we are at the point where there isn’t even one documented “hack” that will make everyone happy added out there every day. it takes like, 2 seconds maybe to see if you are interested in the hack or not? well worth my time every day. lets not fight each other over it. all of us here have so much in common. please join me in singing in a festive manner, “why can’t we be friends…”

  2. So what qualifys as a “hack”?
    There have been a lot of things that have been posted here that aren’t exactly “hacks” but have been very good and useful, and even thou this isn’t for me it could be useful for a lot of people so quit being jackasses and maybe try to actualy DO a new hack and submit it.

  3. Why destroy hackaday like that? This is still a nice idea. I take you don’t ride a motorcycle. no appreciation for the sport. Finally, I second #7 comments. Post something if you are so moved.

  4. Yo, if you all are so pissy at the lack of “GOOD” hacks, get out there and do some of your own… Personaly I beleive to have found the _ultimate_ hack. Human Hacking, or galvanic vestibular stimulation, a kind or remote control for humans. Some company figured a way to actualy control human movement. Now, I did some research, and the technology is prety simple from the looks of it, but I can’t do hardware, so I need someone who knows what they are doing to pick up where I dropped the ball. You can find links to information I have found at my website. Someone get _that_ on here and we’ll have a hack to mull over.


  5. Your point is understood eliot.
    However, don’t you make money off of running this site. If you did not make any money off this site then i would agree with you, but if you do make a profit then I think it is hackadays job to do some searching.

  6. to #11. and all of you
    he makes money, sure, but although once upon a time it was possible to make full-times pay blogging, by this point that is highly unlikely that that still holds true. on the high end it is likely that this pulls in a nice penny, but anymore than that and i would have questions.

    eliot, you are what? in high school? college? either way, i would cringe to think this were your only job. out of college i would hope that were even less likely.

    with that in mind, and the fact that this site probably pulls in allowance money at best, i am sure you have many better things to do with your time. like a real job, school, eating, sleeping and life in general.

    in that light i support him (eliot) 110%, it shouldn’t be on his shoulders to provide _us_ with hacks. he are not providing us a service, not in that sense at least. the service he are providing us is a forum, where people of the same interests can meet, and chat about hacks.

    with that, as members of this ‘forum’ it is up to us to help supply the hacks as well. slashdot, arguably the best at this game, does the same thing.

    it is much the same concept as folding@home, one dude can only do so much with his time. want to help out? want to be a part of something ‘cool’ and ‘big’? then contribute. donate some of your time to the greater good.

    we have all become leeches. the blog equivalent of lurkers. we expect to check back every day, contribute nothing, and read about all of this cool jazz that just appears out of thin air. thats not how it works, so stop bitchen.

  7. how about something like a link dump? all submissions get put in a single place and allow a polling system on them. the top submission at the end of the day is then put on the front page and then removed from the link dump.

    how bout it guys?

  8. sounds like an idea, but how would that work out? would the links not chosen one day fall over to the next? and some people may not put the “http://” or the “www.” or the “/” or “index.htm” or whatever at the end. links as such would be polled as different submissions and rated incorrectly. :-( also that would allow someone to load up a particular link (as I am sure hack-a-day doesn’t get that many submissions as it stands now). the only way to combat the slowly dieing hack-a-day is to do a little research ourselves once in a while, and submit submit submit.

  9. I was expecting an antitheft solution from the title :( , oh well.

    Its a nice hack, but wouldnt an all in one solution be better?
    I mean, instead of separate gadgets for mp3/radar detection etc.
    A computer with all those features built in?
    I’ve been looking for an embedded platform that could do this for ages.

  10. I don’t see “fresh hacks each day”. Enough days to keep me coming back, though. It wouldn’t be the first time I was lied to by the internets, so I’m not freaked out. If this was a pay site, you bet I’d be asking for my $4.95 back. But since it’s a community thing, I’ll take it as proof that socialism doesn’t work…or does. I can never tell the difference.

  11. i would like to give thanks for hackaday and its amusing links it provides me with.
    even though i’ve never try them, and appreciate it gives me interesting reading..and you know what? if it’s a link i’m not interested in..i dont read it.
    so, i applaud hackaday for still being around, and given that it is, i think it can have whatever focus it would like.

  12. I was post #1, and maybe I was too quick to flame this hack-a-day post, but my point is still valid, 8 months ago, I was checking out this site daily since it featured great new concepts, and usually at least had something fun to read about. I am not deluded enough to think that hackaday has ever, ever been a true hacking site. sources of “hacking” information are not found with a web browser. but the neat work people do with pov toys, or finding hidden features in some hardware by playing with firmware, even the hacking sleep piece was cool, and this site found them quickly, not so much anymore.

    but i am not trying to run a site like this, i know that i would get bored with it. i admire anyone that puts something out there for the world to see. but…that person needs to be prepared for the criticism that comes with the “fame”, and the better job you do, the more “fame”, the worse job, the more criticism.

    some of you mentioned i should put something up if i’m going to criticize, in ten minutes i got this one.

    hack your hybrid vehicle for even greater fuel efficiency. http://www.greencarcongress.com/2005/09/hacking_hybrids.html

    *i* would say this is more interesting than a bag-o-wires and gadgets, with a quick-change system.

    this is my criticism, and my opinion, the reason i still visit this site is because once in a while articles like the all-weather wi-fi enclosure make all this other stuff worth wading through.

    thank you everyone for the criticism, although it was well-intended, i do believe it was a bit misguided.

  13. I did a similar thing awhile back, but I used a CD based MP3 player and a waterproof cigarette lighter jack in my bike. The jack doubled as a power tap for my trickle charger which I used while storing my bike in the summer (due to rain) The jack was also was used to charge other peoples cell phones.

  14. Not a bad idea, if not a “hack” in the sense of the term many of these people seem used to. Just wait a bit guys, I’ll see if I can submit some pyro related stuff sometime soon.

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