Hack-A-Day Extra


I’ve got my new box up and running. I assembled it on Monday afternoon and started looking into OSx86 since I wanted to triple boot the box with XP MCE and Linux. After walking into several dead ends I decided to quit for the day. Tuesday came and I decided instead of messing with OSx86 and getting a MCE bootleg I would take the easy route: install Gentoo. First, I grabbed a tarball from the Jackass! Project which offers optimized toolkits  (I’ve built them by hand before). I had laid out my partition scheme the night before, so most of the install preparation was done. I made sure to leave two 20GB primary partitions for OSx86 and XP if I decide to install them in the future. The only change I made from the Jackass default was using the “-march=nocona” compiler flag for Pentium 4 EM64T. After the base install, I installed X.org, fluxbox, and firefox. Then I immediately began folding!

Team Hack-A-Day continues to improve: Lazy_Folder started on Dec. 1st and has already moved into the top 10 for daily production. The forum is growing as well: yesterday we saw a woman.

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Excel Based Drum Machine


[Thomas] just wanted a simple, free drum machine to play with. He decided to build one himself using MS Excel. To get it up and running you need to download a .zip file that contains the .xls and .dll files. Grab some drum samples and you are ready to go. Each drum is mapped to a key and can be used with a game pad. Don’t worry he’s got some simple, Meg White, patterns to get you started. Not impressed? Well, tear it down and build your own machine.

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