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As an emulator enthusiast Oscar was frustrated by the button placement on his Pocket PC. He decided to adapt an NES controller to the PDA. The iPAQ had four buttons plus a D-pad like the controller so he just needed to find a way to translate between the two. The answer came from a Belkin IR keyboard. In addition to the regular QWERTY keys it had the hardware buttons too. He stripped out the necessary board from the keyboard and connected the NES buttons. He left the battery and an IR extension outside of the case because the signal was too weak from a distance. I wonder if it would be possible to use something like [leadingzero]’s NES remote and just translate the button presses since the signal would be stronger. I know it would work with LIRC in Linux, but I’m not sure if there is something similar for Pocket PC.

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  1. Since the NES controller is so similar to the Game Boy Color controls, it would be interesting to see if someone could fit a PocketPC inside a Game Boy Color, along with an emulator. You could use this to play alll NES games on a portable.

  2. Anyone got any idea what the IR Keyboard protocol is? Is it just normal AT/PS2 keyboard serial signals on IRDA?
    I want to make my own like this but the whole ripping apart a keyboard thing sucks- I would rather use a micro to emulate one.
    I’ve tried google but nothing…

  3. This is a bit off topic but relevant to the Ipaq.
    I have an Ipaq Hx4700, I’ve lost the charger.
    Can I get the PCC to charge using only the cradle powered by usb.
    Usb charging is diabled when the battery reaches near 10%.
    My Ipaq will power up when it is connected to a usb power source for several hours.
    When it does come while connected to a usb power source; can I do some sort of button combination to enable usb charge and therefore allowing it to fully charge via usb ?

    I do not want to buy another universal charge.

    Any appropriate suggetions are welcome.

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