Want To Write How-tos For Engadget?


I’m hiring a new ‘How-to’ editor for Engadget. We’re looking for someone who can contribute at least 2 how-tos a month. Original how-tos can cover hardware, software, and anything in between. We’ve covered software how-tos like streaming with VLC and setting up Synergy. We definitely want someone who isn’t afraid of a soldering iron and can do things like building WiFi antennas and embedding sensors in clothing.

To apply for the position you need to:

  1. Post a ‘fresh’ how-to article in the style of Engadget with pictures/screenshots somewhere  on the internet (like a free blog from Blogger).

  2. Write a sample post for a ‘found’ hack (like the Hack-A-Day daily feature).

  3. Send both links, a little info about yourself, and 5 additional how-to ideas through the tip form before 1PM EST Dec. 27th. Use the subject ‘Engadget writer’.

For inspiration: here are how-tos we’ve done in the past. For additional inspiration: this is a paid position.

7 thoughts on “Want To Write How-tos For Engadget?

  1. #28 I don’t think it’s that he has developed a bad name, it’s probably more to due with people being flakey. Someone says to themselves “wow I could totaly write for Hackaday” and then 3 articles later they are out of good ideas and drop off the map. I have seen similar things happen on various MUDs that I play on. The owners say that they are hiring new immortals to run the game, players are falling all over themselves to get the position and then 2 months later they stop playing and never come back. Its sad realy.

  2. dax, you hit it right on the head.

    definately flakey.

    it’s not quite as sad as you say, though. head and shoulders does a fantastic job, and pert with dandruff control has a nice bouquet that i find very invigorating in the morning while contemplating things like going to work and other, more important things such as how to repair a melting snowman, or a practical solution for reading hackaday in the shower.

    speaking of hackaday, if i may digress from the dermal and stray to discussion of one of my favorite subjects for a moment… it’s always a pleasure to read great howtos here. people like fabz deserve credit for the incredible amount of time and effort that they have invested in writing for our benefit. let’s hope we’re lucky enough to see more of the same in the near future.

    00000011 cheers to everyone that’s been here, and best of luck to the incumbent.

    hip hip hackaday

  3. I’d have to agree with dax: you might want to go for a less stable commision or short term setup; though there may of course be some readers (not me) capable of meeting demand on the long term basis. I’m working on some little things I’d like to post but I don’t think I could do it reliably with classes, and I would imagine something similar is true for most. Oh well, good luck to whoever wins this position!


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