NES Controller For Pocket PC

nes pocket pc

As an emulator enthusiast Oscar was frustrated by the button placement on his Pocket PC. He decided to adapt an NES controller to the PDA. The iPAQ had four buttons plus a D-pad like the controller so he just needed to find a way to translate between the two. The answer came from a Belkin IR keyboard. In addition to the regular QWERTY keys it had the hardware buttons too. He stripped out the necessary board from the keyboard and connected the NES buttons. He left the battery and an IR extension outside of the case because the signal was too weak from a distance. I wonder if it would be possible to use something like [leadingzero]’s NES remote and just translate the button presses since the signal would be stronger. I know it would work with LIRC in Linux, but I’m not sure if there is something similar for Pocket PC.

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Want To Write How-tos For Engadget?


I’m hiring a new ‘How-to’ editor for Engadget. We’re looking for someone who can contribute at least 2 how-tos a month. Original how-tos can cover hardware, software, and anything in between. We’ve covered software how-tos like streaming with VLC and setting up Synergy. We definitely want someone who isn’t afraid of a soldering iron and can do things like building WiFi antennas and embedding sensors in clothing.

To apply for the position you need to:

  1. Post a ‘fresh’ how-to article in the style of Engadget with pictures/screenshots somewhere  on the internet (like a free blog from Blogger).

  2. Write a sample post for a ‘found’ hack (like the Hack-A-Day daily feature).

  3. Send both links, a little info about yourself, and 5 additional how-to ideas through the tip form before 1PM EST Dec. 27th. Use the subject ‘Engadget writer’.

For inspiration: here are how-tos we’ve done in the past. For additional inspiration: this is a paid position.

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