Hack-A-Day Extra


ShmooCon starts in two days and? uh? I’m sure I’ll be caught up with work by then. (UPDATE: [Tom] has an interview with Bruce and Beetle from the ShmooGroup) On a more important note: Yehoshua’s borg seems to have gotten lost on its way home from a New Year’s party and our Folding team has taken a hit. We’ve got sitemeter stats now in case you’ve ever wondered. It has only been active for two days, so the math is a little off.

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Laptop Keyboard Conversion


[Leechar] liked the compactness of notebook keyboards and wanted one for his desktop. A friend provided a 486 notebook keyboard and Leechar found an old AT keyboard controller in a junk box. Instead of taking the time to decode the key matrix and make sure that every key was generating the proper scancode he just wired it so that each key generated a unique code. Then using KeyTweak he was able to build a registry key for the correct mapping. Still having fun abusing input devices he decided to marry his Toshiba laptop track ball with the guts of a Microsoft mouse by soldering directly to the photosensor connections.

UPDATE: It looks like we “H-bombed” the 5gigs server within 4 minutes of this being posted. Grynx has a mirror.

UPDATE: Leechar has gotten better hosting, links should be fine now.

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