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ShmooCon starts in two days and? uh? I’m sure I’ll be caught up with work by then. (UPDATE: [Tom] has an interview with Bruce and Beetle from the ShmooGroup) On a more important note: Yehoshua’s borg seems to have gotten lost on its way home from a New Year’s party and our Folding team has taken a hit. We’ve got sitemeter stats now in case you’ve ever wondered. It has only been active for two days, so the math is a little off.

More links after the jump (you should grab a beverage).

Instead of getting my work back on track, I’ve been
making motivational posters using
Motivator. [via

If you frequent mini-itx.com you’ve seen a lot of motherboards stuffed into
model car chassis. A company is now selling Compucars
commercially. [via TRFJ]

Linux distribution chooser, I tested positive for Gentoo after
answering “yes” to “Do you hate your free time?” [via
Download Squad]

DVDJon has already parked DeAACS.com in preparation for the
new, sure to be annoying technology.

BoingBoing has a really interesting
thread/request about bone conduction

How to program a bootloader

Palm T|X hacks: making a voice recorder and
adding a vibration alarm

Converting an optical mouse to IR [brad]

[Rlanctot]’s guide for building a
cord organizer

[snorkle256] upgraded his m:robe using [matt defenthaler]’s guide.
Then he was able to load it up using Adrian Stutz’s m:robe loader.

If you thought the original PSP hotswap trick was silly,
you haven’t seen this Xbox 360 video.

You could laugh at [Tom Allred]’s cordless phone mod
too, but he says the reception is great.

[Giantkillerrobot] got some Mini Cooper slot cars for Christmas and has
started adding some non-factory

[401] added the Hack-A-Day logo to his flash drive. [Derwin]
had it on his OLED Network Walkman, but his site seems to be down.

Older iMacs have an IDE controller, but use SCSI connectors for the CDROM drive.
[Abbie Gonzalez] came up against this when installing 10.3, but
it didn’t prove much trouble.

How to
free up hotel bandwidth
, It isn’t that nice, but some of us have to get work done.

[Oliver Wittwer]’s
quick fix for bad remote buttons

Michael Naimark’s guide to blinding cameras [David]

It may be patched now, but IronGeek’s guide to the
WMF vulnrability
is still interesting. [Steve]

Modding Aussie pay-tv antennas for WiFi [masked]

Nintendo DS homebrew development tutorials

Hombrew for JAMMA arcade cabinets [Caveman Joe]

[miknix] added an external
antenna adapter to his PCMCIA wireless card
. It’s in Portuguese but the pictures are decent.

[epooch] has been playing around with external
character displays and found out that
switch plates make really
good housings

experience with initng, the next
generation init system for Linux.

[Stefano Palazzo]’s LEGO iPod nano dock

[derJan] has been abusing the
German McDonald’s kids play pcs

[Frogz] sent in this overclocking guide
with a joke about drilling holes in your skull to increase oxygen flow. You mean

Use a floppy stepper motor to pan your webcam.
[Michael Wagner]

The LDBD has been experimenting with paintballs and high speed
. They got the instructions from MAKE.

I’m sure you’ve seen [jared]’s vibrating
by now, it was everywhere today (at least in my inbox).

I’ve completely lost track of the PSP scene, I guess
Tetris on 2.50 is new, wait,
no, they just broke 2.60.

[thoughtfix] has picked up a Nokia 770 and is blogging the

[pillowcase] continues to repurpose old tech as wall art. His latest
is the emate clock.

Android World looks creepy despite its technicolor. [Richard Johnson]

[Tod E. Kurt] cleaned of the color wheel and sensor in his DLP projector and
thought we would like to see the internals.

Computer generated holograms [DogHouse]

Thank you for all of the tips.

17 thoughts on “Hack-A-Day Extra

  1. Hey – thanks for linking me! I linked back and credited the hack I used from this site.

    I have an open invitation for requests for hacks… if users want me to figure something out, I’ll research it and come back with my results.

  2. mr dan: i suggest checking ebay. many parts suppliers have stores and auctions for parts at reasonable prices (based both in the us and the uk. most ship worldwide).

    billy: ive done similar alterations to many of much of my wifi gear to allow external antennae. in the case of the aironet, its pretty simple-all you basically need to do is cut the ciruit trace to the
    antenna on the pcb, and the solder LMR cabling to the traces. With a
    decent solder job and copious amounts of hot glue, its a pretty quick
    conversion. if you havent already seen the following, for aironet
    specific information check out


    for more general information:

  3. Has anyone here tried the computer generated hologram program? It didn’t work for me. What I mean is that the software generated an image that looks “right” but I couldn’t get any holographic effect out of it.

    Also, part of the page explains how to make a diffraction grating to test the printer resolution, but when I generate a diffraction grating the part at the bottom that lets you save the image dissapears from the window when it finishes the computation…

  4. I liked the article about the conversion of an optical mouse’s led to IR. Have anyone else tried it? Does it really improve the mouse’s accuracy? Just curious… maybe I’ll try it later.

  5. @BillytheImpaler,
    Thanks, the 3.5mm stereo plug was already a perfect fit, as for the iPod USB cable, I wrapped electrical tape around it to make it thicker (wrapped tight to press the release buttons aswell so the ipod can just be pulled from the dock).
    It fits like a glove, the slot in lego is 5 across and 1 thick, couldnt be happier, I was thinking of buying a dock, but not anymore :P

    @emmanuel Caballero
    I’m also curious, it seems pretty pointless to me…

    Can’t get enough of Hackaday Extras :)

    MSN: bradysarlo@hotmail.com

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