DIY Fig Rig

fig rig

The Fig Rig is the brain child of director Mike Figgis. The Rig is designed to provide stability while using a handheld camera. If you’ve seen the continuous 90 minute takes in Figgis’s Timecode you know what prompted him to come up with this contraption. Like most digital video camera accessories the Rig comes with a premium price. KingVidiot has a forum post detailing his attempt at creating a homemade Fig Rig. He used an old steering wheel, a piece of aluminum plate and a wooden dowel. It isn’t that pretty to look at, but it definitely didn’t cost him $300 and it works pretty well too.

[thanks DVguru]

9 thoughts on “DIY Fig Rig

  1. Yeah, Nothing shows in Firefox, but in IE (gotta use it sometimes) it shows the little ‘pic failed’ box. You can then grab the actual location of the picture. Since he used geocities for hosting the pics, if more than two people look at the site over a span of a month it’ll stop access because he’s used too much bandwidth.

  2. Somebody should setup something similar to mirrordot for hackaday. Hell, even hackaday could or at least use the distributed caching of automatically instead of direct links. Just because people are hackers doesn’t mean they understand web hosting.

  3. wasn’t this invented by Sam Raimi for the Evil Dead films (the first or second i think) I remember in the extras of the trilogy DVD theres a segment on how they constructed a lange woden frame to hold a camera that would make moving the camera by hand much smoother… And I’m sure that came out far before timecode…

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