Amiga In An FPGA

 mini amiga
Dennis had been working on this project for over a year before recently releasing it in the forums (photos). The Amiga was notable for its use of unique, dedicated processor chips for tasks like real time video effects. Dennis has recreated these chips in a Xilinx Spartan-3 400K gate FPGA. His development board also features a MC68000 processor and an MMC card for storage. He’s got everything, but sound and keyboard support working. He is able to run Lemmings though, and isn’t that what’s really important?

[thanks Seantech]

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  1. Very cool!!

    Slightly apropos, should also check out the C-One. It is a recreation of the Commodore 64 in a modern form (C64 motherboard which fits in a ATX case [with slight modification], ATX power supply, uses PC keyboards, hdrives, etc)…

    The board uses a replaceable CPU core module. It comes with a Motorola 65C816 module to support Commodore 64 environments, but in theory could be replaced with any 8-bit CPU module (eg. real 6502, 6809, or Z80).

    Not a hack…

  2. In reply to ex-parrot’s question on if this were possible:

    Entirely! I’m a graduate of computer engineering in Ottawa, Canada, and building a computer on an FPGA was part of the curriculum. We didn’t do amiga, however, we re-created an Acorn CPU. I remember the hardest part for me was the damned VGA controller because you had to get the signal timing just right! Any deviation would result in really weird images. Ah, the memories!

  3. Dennis went from his first blink-a-led ‘program’ on the fpga right to making Minimig, and Minimig is now very much a reality!
    Dennis should be giving a public demo on 18 Feb at the HCC Commodore User Group [], in Maarssen, The Netherlands. Any of you that are willing, interested and able to join are more than welcome!

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