Using Mologogo With Google Earth


[yug1taht] wrote in to tell us about his lastest addition to Mologogo. You may remember Mologogo from its launch last fall. It lets you track GPS enabled phones using Google maps. It works with most Nextel phones and the inexpensive pay-as-you-go Boost Mobile phones; which is what our friend PT used when he tried it out. This latest addition to Mologogo lets you output the data as .kml file which you can then play with in Google Earth.

12 thoughts on “Using Mologogo With Google Earth

  1. Hmmm…

    Looking at this I got an idea. I wonder how hard it would be to spoof your location on Mologogo.

    This could be very useful in some situations.

    For example, you might meet an attractive lady and mention to her what an influential high roller you are.

    Then give her your number so she can see your tracks as you travel between the Skull and Bones, the United Nations, the Pentagon, the boardrooms of majpor companies and then onto Oslo to pick up your Nobel Prize.

    I guess there’s other uses though…aside from trying to impress women.

  2. There has to be a way to track any cell by distance, i think thats how 911 service works for cell phones. Must be a way to see which tower you hit last, and determine your radius from it. It would seem like there would be a way for me to call someone, and determine by the towers, how far away they are? By measuring the time?

  3. I cant wait for more of these types of services to come out. A nice feature would be to get your messenger list to alert you when one of your mates is in proximity so long as your not on their block list etc

  4. How do you get this hack to work??? I see the mumbo jumbo text but where do i insert it? Just if u guys can please give me step buy step instructions! I see his website is down or elso that might help me!!!

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