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First Whoppix and Auditor then Whax and now finally everything has come together to form remote-exploit’s latest Live CD project BackTrack. The very first beta of the new system was released today. I downloaded it and tested it on my 600m. It had a nice uncluttered feeling right from the beginning by not offering the scads of boot options found in Knoppix. The system came up really quick and stopped at the command prompt instead of going to a GUI which is another nice touch. The CD also doesn’t automatically bring up the network interfaces since you may have something special in mind. The default windowing environment is KDE, but Fluxbox is included if you’re on a diet. Kismet started up and set up my Intel 2200 card without any assistance. I really think the team has put together a great product and I look forward to future releases. Try it out for yourself.

[thanks steve]

30 thoughts on “BackTrack Live CD

  1. For once, I may contribute to the network. When this finishes, I’m making and uploading a torrent to torrentspy and mininova. Having 5 mirrors is great, but not when it gets posted on hackaday.

  2. These LiveCD’s keep on getting me into trouble with my wife because I have a habit of leaving them running on our pc, but this one I just have to try! (to be nice to their servers I guess I’ll go get the torrent)

  3. Although it recognises my Ralink WiFi-G card as interface ra0, KWiFiManager crashes when I try to associate with my AP. Kismet and iwconfig won’t work, GPS Drive won’t link with my GPS, and Bluetooth support is broken.

    It really is deserving of it’s ‘beta’ marking.

  4. i played arround with the installer, but it didn’t work right. the splash-fix helped a litle bit but hd installtion is not a goot choice jet.
    and i’am missing some things like the laptop modules, wich are not implemented.

  5. new here….very new…what are *.torrent files ?
    is there a way for me to read the file. i have one a friend sent and won’t tell me any more.
    thanks or any help and i hope i’m not stepping on of line. thanks

  6. my butt stings, and remote-exploit is having problems so thank you for torrent info. i need some asprin for my headache and ointment for my butt. anyone ever had a dirty sanchez? thats when your gettin it on and you stick a finger in her butt and stick your brown finger under her nose so it looks like a mustache. ohhh.

  7. hi all. I just want to ask,where I can find some manual, or one piece how to… those tutorials on remote-exploit are so good, but its better for me, when I can read a book when I`m trying something… I found manual but just for auditor, not for backtrack. please answer me.

  8. i have backtrack live. the latest. i cant get past the startx. it takes a very longtime to load. it dont go anywhere.on my p2 it takes like 2-3 minutes to get on the gui but on my 2 week old dell inspiron 6400, it wont go farther then the dragonthing. i logged in and stuff.. i have 1024mb ram. ddr2 duocore 1.6ghz

  9. On my Fujitsu Siemens I have this button to activate my wlan. It works fine in Ubuntu, but not in Auditor. Anyone got a sollution? I tried to set my BIOS to wlan always on, but it doesn’t have that option.

  10. okay here is few basic things to get backtrack working:
    user-name: root
    password: toor
    to start the graphical user interface type: startx
    to enable networking(internet) type:
    /etc/init.d/networking start
    To use backtrack you are better off downloading a virtual machine app to run backtrack instead of using a live cd.
    Also look at tutorials on youtube of metasploit to see what backtrack can do. Most web sites now are 100% secure and most computers are as well. The new thing now online is phishing. Happy attempting hacking! any1 want to know any more let me know

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