Qtopia On The GP2X

Qtopia GP2X

Trolltech’s Qtopia is the application platform/user interface of choice of Linux handheld device manufacturers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a phone, PDA, or single application device. Hacker NK has successfully ported the GUI to the GP2X. With USB host mode,he’s been able to surf the web with Opera while using a full keyboard, mouse and WiFi adapter. The Sharp Zaurus PDA uses Qtopia with an ARM processor too and users have reported success pulling applications from the Zaurus software repository and running them on the GP2X. Here are some photos of the action one and two.

UPDATE: Commenters say that the GP2X forums have a Windows trojan. I think you’ll be fine if turn off Java.

[thanks omarnawaz]

23 thoughts on “Qtopia On The GP2X

  1. the gp32x.com boards have been infected with a Windows trojan, so beware all you Microsofties ..

    But if you use a real operating system, you won’t have any problems .. and can also discover the wiiiiiiide world of hacking thats going on currently with the GP2X community .. now that USB is working, the sky’s the limit .. I’ve got a Powermate and MIDI interfaces on mine, w00t!

    the GP2X is a lovely little machine for such things!

  2. WARNING!!! Went to the link on this site for gpx32.com, and my system popped up a Symantec Antivirus Notification stating that the site contains a Trojan horse, Download.Trojan, included as part of a WMF file. The notification is below:

    Scan type: Auto-Protect Scan
    Event: Threat Found!
    Threat: Download.Trojan
    File: C:Documents and SettingsgmartinezLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5A95WOWE8xpladv725[1].wmf
    Location: C:Documents and SettingsgmartinezLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5A95WOWE8
    Computer: IGSWWRWGWS220X1
    User: gmartinez
    Action taken: Clean failed : Quarantine failed : Access denied
    Date found: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 11:48:32 AM

  3. stop using IE and you wouldn’t have that damn problem. the boards are fine if you are using a real browser.

    as far as qtopia goes i tried it out and i was unable to get it to work. you need a kernel that has networking compiled in and i don’t have that. looks pretty sweet though. i have a zaurus also and it is sweet.

  4. I personally don’t use IE. I use Firefox, and I didn’t realize the Trojan was there until a coworker informed me that he had a popup. As a network administrator, I like to protect my network, and if it means I have to ban this site because I can’t ensure its security regardless of what my users are using, than thats what I will do. I’m sure there are several other SAs out there who feel the same way.

  5. I like the way people say “real operating system”
    “real browser” – grow up, if GP32x is such an “1337” console
    with “1337” people in charge of the site maybe they should not have such bad security.

  6. A real browser? lemme guess. you’re a firefox zombie. ie is secure enough if you configure it correctly. as long as you keep your security options in line, you should be fine. seems like some people would realize that firefox’s security was tied to its past obscurity. but maybe not.

  7. first off i think these gp2x’s are pretty cool, although i don’t have one yet i’m thinking more strongly on getting one to fool around with, looks like it may be more useful to me than my pda. second putting exploits, trojans on a site like that is script kiddie nonsense. third ie and windows can be just as secure as about anything else with the proper security applied, and everything can be configured/ uninstalled in windows if you want to take the time to do it. it has been proven that you can run nt systems without numerous supposed “key” or “core” elements of the os…

  8. Another browser war? Remember, y’all, it comes down to this: whichever browser is least popular but best developed is the safest. If (when) IE becomes unpopular, it will be safer than firefox, opera, or any other browser.
    Same holds true for OSs.
    When the world of computing puts all its eggs in one basket, some people start getting a kick out of drilling holes in the bottom of the basket. True security derives from putting your “eggs” in multiple “baskets”.

  9. @ Roleo Hibachi – Thank you. Someone that actually understands how stuff works.

    @ # 12 – You said it!

    @ # 15 – There is no way of removing Internet Explorer?! It’s people like you that make the 1337 comments on how much Windows sucks, etc, etc …!

    It can be done. You can even do it using a simple .SIF file on your installation CD. (WINNT.SIF) (The one used for Unattended Installations)

    If you want to do a more complex thing, remove it from the Windows Installation CD using nLite or any other app. A clean Windows install is the solution to many problems. (100 Mbs with slipstreamed hotfixes here!)

    As for the “real browser” and “real OS”. Please. Cut it out! This war has to end someday, might as well be when I’m alive to enjoy peace.

    If someone wants to use Linux, fine, use it! If someone wants to use Windows, use it. You’r not uber leet just because you use slackware and your not a total idiot who can’t even choose “a real OS” just because you run Windows.

    Competition is good. It is what makes things better!

  10. @josh

    the networked kernel is supplied in the zip file with qtopia visit the gp32x forums check the thread in news zone

    the new releases are in that thread aswell if you have any trouble im sure someone will help you out

  11. Wait a sec – so WiFi adapter / Mouse and Keyboard all attached to a USB hub? Makes GP2x a little immobile don’t you think. Still gets my Wow, but would be more happy to see this done on PSP and having keyboard for a portable device that already has a WiFi in it.

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