Irongeek’s Wall Of Social Science Majors

wall of social science majors

If you’ve ever read a story about Defcon, the lede probably had something to do with The Wall of Sheep, the giant pojection of every plaintext username and password crossing the network. You may have even seen one of your favorite sites fall victim to it. One of my favorite people, Irongeek, decided to whip up a little PHP script so that anybody could set up their own Wall of Sheep style system. The backend is powered by the near-magical Ettercap and the script just parses the output into an easy to read format. I think this would be a great warning sign to place on your hotspot’s splash page.

[via PaulDotCom]

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Hack Media: Podcasts

This is coming in a day later than usual; I got my new dual-core Mac mini on Monday and built a new iTunes Library on my NFS server. I then crashed it twice which turned into literal fscking nightmare. So I finally got it back up last night and started listening to my backlog of podcasts (which has grown enormously now that I can subscribe to them so easily). Highlights from the shows after the jump.

A big Thank you to everyone who has stopped by my Facebook profile to wish me a Happy Birthday today. I’m 25, my NFS server is running rock-solid, so is my new mini, and I got an official job offer in the mail, so today has been treating me really well. Happy birthday to my twin sister Adele, even though the international date line means I already missed it.

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