1-Wire Wireless Router

one wire

1-Wire is a low speed communications bus. OWFS is the 1-wire filesystem for Linux. Combine the two with a WRT54G and you’ve got a cheap wired/wireless network enabled data collection platform. 1-Wire devices are really low cost, only need one wire plus ground, are bus powered, and can even be wired in a branching pattern instead of a normal straight run. OWFS lets you check the status of the devices like they were parts of your filesystem (it’s built on FUSE). So, you can do really easy data collection just by writing some file management scripts.

7 thoughts on “1-Wire Wireless Router

  1. It’s worth noting that you can get all of the required hardware for this hack (ie, 1-wire devices and most likely the IC that interfaces with them) for free from Maxim:

    I’ve got a drawer full of iButtons, which are about the size of two nickels and hold a few KB of data. With this hack, I suspect you could use the iButton as a security mechanism.

    For example, you could mount an iButton reader on top of your WRT54G, then keep an iButton on your keychain with an keyfile of some sort. With some scripting, you could make the WRT54G only allow internet access when the iButton was in the reader, giving you simple physical security to prevent unauthorized use of your network.

    Or, set up a network of 1-wire devices like switches and iButton readers at your doors and make an internet-enabled alarm system.

  2. #2: if its a 3 digit code, and you can try as many codes as you want (no lock out after say 5 bad tries), then you only have to go from 000,001,002,003,….999, a pain for sure, but not undoable

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